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Digital operations

What is digital operations?

Digital operations is the concept of infusing business processes with the agility, intelligence and automation to create operational models that delight customers and improve performance.

What are the business benefits of digital operations?

Digital operations can help an organization re-engineer, digitize, manage and run its most essential business processes to reduce operating costs, improve user experiences, deliver better outcomes and achieve top-line growth. By creating automated, data-driven platforms and industry utilities, a business can develop more effective operating models and achieve process excellence.  

Why is digital operations important for today’s businesses?

Today’s digital economy offers an unprecedented opportunity to envision and build innovative new products, services and experiences that are tailored to stay ahead of evolving customer demands. But outdated operating models can hinder a company’s transformation initiatives, impeding the ability to keep pace with customer and marketplace demands.

Only companies built on agile, intelligent and digitally enabled processes can deliver the vastly more humanized transactions and experiences that outpace customer expectations. Digital operations can help a company reimagine and create the digital processes that not only drive performance, but also close the process gaps between customers, suppliers and partners with automation, insight and process platforms.

What are some essential ways of building digital operations?

There are at least three:

  • Removing the kinds of operating model inefficiencies that hinder growth and transformation, so the business can realize outcomes otherwise beyond reach
  • Using intelligent process automation (IPA) to empower the workforce, thus increasing productivity and elevating intellectual capital while removing mundane tasks
  • Refocusing scarce resources to grow the business at scale and speed, by replacing self-managed processes with high-performing, cost-effective managed services
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