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Digital experience platform

What is a digital experience platform?

A digital experience platform (DXP) is an integrated enterprise software framework that seeks to reach and engage disparate audiences across multiple digital touchpoints to enhance the overall customer experience (CX).

What are the business benefits of a digital experience platform?

DXPs can deliver several business benefits to an organization. Among them:

  • A single source of truth. A unified DXP can accommodate customer data from multiple systems, as well as several use cases, so employees can explore several scenarios in functional areas such as enterprise training and product development.
  • Teamwork. DXPs enable a team to pinpoint content that best resonates with an audience, and then collaborate with other teams to reuse that content across multiple sites and pages.
  • Diverse functionality. Many DXPs feature a wide range of functions, such as content management, personalization, security, collaboration, workflow, analytics, optimization and more.
  • Regulatory compliance. With a DXP, multiple pages and sites can be managed from a single repository, with robust permissioning that streamlines regulatory compliance.
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