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Cloud consulting

What is cloud consulting?

Cloud consulting is the process where an organization leverages cloud consultants to build, operate, manage and maintain an optimal cloud environment. Cloud consulting accelerates business growth and innovation, drives agility, transforms operational efficiency and ensures performance and security in the cloud.

What are the business benefits of cloud consulting?

The most significant business benefits of cloud consulting include:

  • Seamless integration. Many cloud-based platforms integrate seamlessly with new technologies.
  • Scalability. Cloud consulting offers a high level of flexibility with a robust scalable platform, so organizations can quickly scale up or down to meet demand. Solve immediate business issues with on-demand sustainable, scalable cloud solutions.
  • Modernized applications. Manage modernized applications on any platform at any time with industry-specific cloud services.
  • Cost savings. Reduce network maintenance and management costs and increase ROI with artificial intelligence (AI) and automation.
  • Cost efficiency. Pay-per-use, cloud-based models let businesses use only as much space as needed, with real visibility and cost controls.
  • Robust governance. Ensure controlled cloud usage and better visibility by bringing in cloud consulting, including technology and service governance.
  • Increased security. Use continuous security and compliance to ensure the safety of valuable data and secure infrastructure 24/7.
  • Automatic software updates. Automatically update software, manage and maintain the cloud infrastructure and deliver enhanced security around-the-clock.
  • Improved collaboration. Cloud infrastructure enables groups and communities in different locations to work together and access the same files, significantly enhancing collaboration.
  • Business continuity. Data stored in the cloud is mirrored across another server/location, so if one fails, data is instantly backed up. When you have reliable cloud consulting, your data is backed up on the cloud 24/7.
  • Resiliency and business continuity. Focus on availability, fault-tolerance and disaster recovery to ensure business continuity and resiliency. Expand and accelerate business opportunities using resilient industry clouds, delivering intelligence, visibility and smart technologies at speed and scale.
  • Operational efficiency. Use cloud consulting and the automated management of cloud resources to reduce manual intervention and increase organizational efficiency that drives robust business outcomes.
What objectives can be achieved with cloud consulting that develops and deploys a successful cloud infrastructure?
  • Faster and simplified deployments. Automate builds that deploy code, databases and application releases.
  • Data center modernization. Modernizing your existing data center infrastructure and applications by migrating to a cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS) to make it highly scalable, elastic, redundant, secure, cost-efficient, standardized and more productive while delivering higher value.
  • Cloud provisioning and optimization. Using optimization tools to create cloud resources and ensure they are being used efficiently. Providing proven, consistent and aligned deployment blueprints that increase the stability, security and performance of cloud applications.
  • Agile engineering environments.  Agile engineering environments empowered by a rich DevOps methodology can transform previously fragmented and siloed activities into cohesive, collaborative and coordinated workflows that reduce duplication of efforts, conflicts in methodologies and practices, and uncertainties around the timely availability of resources. As a result, engineering teams are more productive and infrastructure costs are drastically reduced.
  • Resilient web platforms. Migrating web applications and websites to cloud and IaaS/PaaS to improve end-user and customer experience, accelerate new-feature rollouts, reduce infrastructure costs and increase performance and availability. Where an application or website already exists, assessing its architecture and performance, identify any gaps, and remediate as required. Identifying and implementing tools, technologies and strategies for fast efficient migration to the new cloud environment and optimum, resilient and scalable performance of the application or website once the cloud migration is complete.
  • Enterprise apps on cloud. Migrating commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) enterprise apps to the cloud in scenarios where poor scalability, inadequate performance, lack of standardization, under-utilization of asset-heavy resources or other challenges impede organizational agility and speed. Assessing existing requirements, applications, infrastructure, architect/rearchitect the solution, roadmap the migration and provisioning the target environment for optimum scalability, resilience, and performance.
  • Workplace cloud solutions. Moving desktops and workspace solutions to cloud to improve user productivity, reduce the number and seriousness of helpdesk calls, enhance business continuity, speed new-feature rollouts and reduce costs.
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