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Capital markets technology

What is capital markets technology?

Digital technology is rewriting the future of the capital markets worldwide and is considered the main driver for the industry to evolve over the next few years. Newer technologies that are moving capital markets forward include cloud technology, open architecture, artificial intelligence, mobile computing, blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT), to name a few.

What are the business benefits of capital markets technology?

Established capital markets firms are pinning their futures on digital technology to confront multiple global challenges. These include increased competition from financial technology firms, fee compression, compliance concerns, aging IT infrastructures and customer relevance and churn. Technology can them compete in multiple ways, including:

  • To better serve and retain clients, real-time analysis of customer behaviors can better inform future product and service launches. Meanwhile, increased intelligent automation adoption will help better leverage human workforce, machine usage and expand talent bases. 
  • By deploying more open APIs and services, firms can launch new products faster, serve customers better, and more effectively. 
  • Perhaps most importantly, technology can help firms adapt more readily to changing markets and customer needs in the years ahead.
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