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Cognizant Discovery

Redefining what’s possible

To help clients and partners stay ahead, we’re hosting Cognizant Discovery—a summit that brings together distinguished industry and thought leaders, expert speakers and visionary Cognizant executives.

Reframing generative AI across people, tech and culture

Discover how AI can help solve some of your industry’s most pressing problems, and how to prepare your workforce and technology stack to take advantage of it. 

Cognizant Discovery GGM 2024
London, UK

July 4–7

racing car
Cognizant Discovery Americas 2024
Austin, TX

October 17–20

racing car on the lane

Highlights from Cognizant Discovery 2023

Leading the way in AI thought leadership

Our team and our partners share insights about how AI will transform the world of work.

Cognizant Discovery is an invitation-only event. If you have questions related to your attendance please contact our events team at