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Case study

The challenge

Based in Germany and with a presence in more than 40 countries, Uniper is a company at the forefront of the energy transition. It balances investments in renewable energy generation and participation in the global energy trading market to ensure a secure energy supply for over 1,000 wholesale and industrial customers. In a complex, high-stakes and fast-moving operating environment, Uniper employees needed to make crucial decisions fast. However, the amount of time spent searching for and accessing data was slowing decision-making down. Uniper needed an intuitive solution that would make data discoverable and accessible to anyone, whether at their desk or on the go.

Our approach

Uniper developed a new internal data search engine and engaged Cognizant to help build and launch it. Our successful track record with Insights Marketplace, a similar solution, gave Uniper confidence in choosing us as a project partner.

We followed a four-step process to design and deliver a search engine tailored for business users, data owners and data specialists, including developing user personas; building a proof of concept based on a Talend data catalog; locating data owners and building an indexed inventory of shareable data; and building the data search engine and its intuitive front end using Microsoft Azure Cloud, Talend and React. We included user-friendly features to maximize the value of the search engine and accelerate adoption, such as AI/ML-driven recommendations and the ability to rate datasets.

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A data-driven journey to a sustainable energy future

The new search engine has given Uniper users a simple search experience to locate and access data assets from across its vast data ocean. Initial feedback from business decision-makers revealed that before the new solution, 70% of their decision-making time was spent searching for information. Now,  this search time has been reduced to 10%. As Uniper continues its business transformation, the ability to make fast, data-driven decisions will support its journey toward a sustainable energy future.

70% to 10%

reduction in time spent searching for data to support business decisions


experience for finding data throughout the organization


recommendations to make the right data even easier to find