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Case study

The challenge

A software giant that had successfully deployed cloud-based automation solutions globally struggled with its outdated internal process documentation. Without a centralized documentation system, each region’s accounting, payroll and HR functions followed their own processes. In addition, there was no standardized view of key data such as time sheet entries and tax audits. The company wanted a streamlined and digital approach to expedite processes.

Our approach

The company chose Cognizant based on our expertise in process documentation, experience working with leading digital enterprises and capability to provide fast ramp-ups.

The initial phase of the project involved evaluating the client’s existing processes, which ranged from simple tasks such as time sheets to complex tax and accounting efforts, and the maturity level of each process. We used our customized checklist as well as our own experience with other clients to benchmark the company’s processes against industry standards. We also interviewed 25 key client stakeholders using customized questionnaires to gather undocumented information for a more accurate understanding of the company’s processes and then guided them on how to increase the maturity level of each process. Subsequently, we loaded the details of each process into Nintex Promapp, a modern cloud-based business process mapping and management tool suggested by the client. The tool groups and displays processes by role, creating a new and streamlined experience for the company’s workforce. Our team designed 53 new standard operating procedures (SOPs) in Promapp and migrated about 400 processes in the first phase of the engagement. Phase 2 added around 400 all-new processes to Promapp. Phase 3 is now in progress.

Creating a standardized view of corporate tasks

Cognizant not only helped the tech giant refurbish its informal documentation processes but also developed nearly 1,000 SOPs within a limited period of time. Following our turbocharged approach, the client continues to expand its seamless processes to organize hundreds of corporate tasks across the company.


processes migrated in phase 1


new SOPs created in Nintex Promapp in phase 1


new processes added to Promapp in phase 2