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Case study

The challenge

A loyal customer is worth their weight in gold. For one leading U.S. luxury retailer, this value was plain to see—the top 10% of customers represented 80% of the retailer’s revenue. The company hoped to engage these individuals even further by using digital channels.

When the retailer approached Cognizant for help in crafting a digital strategy for a new, personalized shopping experience, it already understood the potential in creating customizable offerings. An earlier attempt had generated $2 million in the first year. The retailer sought our help in improving the performance of its existing model and simplifying product deployments.

Our approach

Cognizant’s approach not only provided research and analysis into the latest trends in personalization, but also resulted in a sustainable digital strategy based on sound business process and product management practices. We leveraged tools and techniques that had worked well in similar markets, along with user data, to drive a new, hyper-personalized web experience.

To address product customization effectively, we first identified the system interactions that would be needed in a new solution. We then tapped into Cognizant’s wealth of retail and technical expertise to define and develop a new application that enabled our client to customize the online experience of each product quickly and easily.

Delivering digital luxury lands more conversions

Partnering with Cognizant has enabled our client to capitalize on a new strategy for digital shopping experiences, leading to increased customer engagement. Our solution for customized offerings has enabled the retailer to drastically reduce time to market and drive higher sales per product.


higher average order value for personalized products


increase in product sales


higher conversion for personalized shopping experiences