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Case study

The challenge

Amref Health Africa has been tackling health inequalities in Sub-Saharan Africa for over 65 years—with more than 30 years in partnership with the biopharma company GSK, which shares Amref’s goal of strengthening health systems in lower-income countries.

As part of its mission, Amref has pioneered community-based health care in 35 countries, training health workers and working with governments at the highest levels to ensure those workers are deployed as effectively as possible.

The data Amref collects could be invaluable for improving public health interventions, but it was siloed across three different digital tools, making insights hard to get. Amref wanted to aggregate the data and produce meaningful reports to help it deliver public health initiatives more effectively. Cognizant offered to work with Amref and GSK to build a sustainable reporting solution.

Our approach

Cognizant consultants and digital engineers worked with Amref and GSK towards building a “single pane of glass” reporting platform that would be easy to use and manage, that could produce meaningful and actionable insights and that would be affordable to run.

Cognizant integrated data from Amref’s three digital tools, using Grafana as the open-source data analysis and visualization platform to deliver the required reports and insights. The result was a secure, scalable and extendable reporting environment capable of being adapted to all 35 countries where Amref operates. Insights gathered during the exercise have also shown where Amref can improve its data collection processes, and therefore generate more insights in the future. 

This partnership is about more than training health workers and collecting data. It is about the services that these health workers will provide to millions of people across the region towards our vision of lasting health change in Africa.

Diana Mukami
Digital Learning Director, Amref Health Africa

It was just a beautiful marriage I think – when the three organizations came together to do something pretty special.

Fiona Smith-Laittan
Head of Global Health Strategy and Operations, GSK

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Better access to better healthcare

As African countries strive to improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare—particularly for the most rural, impoverished and marginalized communities—the insights provided by Amref’s reporting dashboards will be an invaluable aid to national-level planning, budgeting and delivery.

On the ground, the data is helping to make certain that health workers are equipped to ensure the best possible health outcomes for individuals and communities across the continent. That brings Amref another step closer to achieving its vision of lasting health change in Africa. 


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