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Case study

The challenge

One of the world’s largest sources of financial and technical assistance for developing countries wanted to redesign its intranet to provide a modern, simplified platform for users. The client’s intranet is an important business tool, used by over 30,000 staff members and consultants to access corporate information and collaborate with each other. User feedback showed that staff wanted a platform with easier navigation and better access to content. In addition, complicated site administration pushed many users to other systems, resulting in a disconnected experience with inconsistent branding and navigation, and multiple disparate sites across the organization. The intranet also lacked a simplified governance process. The client turned to Cognizant—a long-time trusted vendor and strategic partner—to modernize its intranet design and meet its goals.

Our approach

The intranet redesign was part of a larger digital workplace initiative that would enable staff to find information, collaborate and work securely on a simple and intuitive platform. The team conducted a survey and tree testing (a usability technique for evaluating the findability of topics in a website) to guide their decisions as they started the project. Four pillars guided the team’s design approach: flexible technology, designed with a mobile-first approach; Agile project management, incorporating continuous feedback during the intranet design process; governance with a light touch, streamlining platform requests through a single portal; and modularity and scalability, empowering platform owners to design pages that meet their own content strategy needs while ensuring a cohesive user interface and experience across the platform.

Creating a modern, simple platform for a personalized experience

The redesigned employee experience platform and digital workplace provide the client’s staff with a flexible, secure, stable and accessible working environment—and an easier way to work from home during the pandemic. With its enhanced and simplified user interface, the platform is a modern source for employee engagement, knowledge sharing and collaboration. The digital workplace will continue to grow to meet future goals. Plans for the employee experience platform include incorporating podcasts and videos, as well as leveraging AI and machine learning to create a more personalized experience for users. The platform will also integrate additional accessibility standards to better serve a diverse workforce.

1,100+ total sites migrated

to the cloud, with the modernization initiative

$1.2M in annual savings

due to reduced cloud remediation costs

20% increase

in customer satisfaction scores, from 70% to 90%