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Case study

The challenge

Bell Media is a Canadian content creation company with assets in television, radio, out-of-home advertising, digital media and more. As one of Canada’s leading broadcasters, the company delivers multiple streaming services optimized with DevOps.

To remain competitive and meet growing customer demand, Bell Media wanted to enhance its streaming platform features, accelerate deployments and make product releases shorter and more reliable without impacting tight product timelines. As one of Bell Media’s preferred partners, Contino, a Cognizant company was chosen to help the company meet its goals.

Our approach

Contino standardized building, testing and deployment processes, which streamlined the software development lifecycle from local development to production pipelines. We also enabled consistency within build and deployment environments across local and continuous integration and deployment pipelines.

To eliminate manual testing, we introduced test automation, allowing testing to be shifted to earlier parts of Bell Media’s development lifecycle and various software tools, establishing them as an operating standard for Bell Media to improve acceptance criteria codification. This helped consolidate quality assurance testing and software engineering processes. We also created a proof of concept to break up monolithic services and enable universal processes that could be applied to environments across all use cases while supporting practical testing. Additionally, we developed a tool to create test data that was predictable and could be deployed in a long-term test environment.

Optimizing multiple streaming services and creating a culture of continuous improvement with DevOps

With our digital expertise, Bell Media accelerated its overall deployment times from days to an hour. The company also reduced its acceptance testing cycle by days, with automation and repeatability. We facilitated upskilling, enabled reusability of deployments and standardized various environments to add more predictability to release cycles. The ability to release any microservice as needed will also lead to shorter and faster releases, accelerating the company’s time to market and reducing risk.

By adopting processes where cycle time can be measured and optimized, Bell Media will be able to keep its momentum going and grow a culture of continuous improvement. The company can now launch services on its streaming platform with less technical risk—and continue improving high-impact processes that elevate customer experiences.


reduction in deployment time


decrease in process complexity


risk of customer impact during product deployments