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Case study

The challenge

Everyone who works in the chocolate and cocoa industry knows the name Barry Callebaut. The Swiss-based company is the world’s top manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products, present at every step in the value chain from sourcing raw materials to the production of high-end chocolates.  

Its 13,000+ employees are the heart of Barry Callebaut’s success, and the company strives to establish an inclusive environment where everyone can be their true selves while setting others up for success. With that goal in mind, growing competition for talent prompted the company to re-examine levels of employee engagement across the business by means of an in-depth workforce survey.

Our approach

Cognizant worked with the digital Human Resources (HR) team from Barry Callebaut to develop surveys around employee priorities, enabling a deeper understanding around the strategy needed to enhance the employee experience. The project was executed using a collaborative agile approach, with Cognizant working in close alignment with the Barry Callebaut team as an advisory and implementation partner. 

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Transforming employee experiences

Working with Cognizant, Barry Callebaut has developed the capacity to implement a system to gather feedback from its global workforce. This has yielded actionable insights that can be used in enhancing the employee experience. A set of effectively designed surveys, tailored to engage both white-collar and blue-collar employees, has provided a solid foundation to guide and inform future employee engagement initiatives. 



response rate to first annual engagement survey of 13,000+ employees


response rate from blue collar workers in some Barry Callebaut plants 

3 months

rapid turnaround from project start to first annual survey results