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Case study

The challenge

A leading U.S. healthcare insurance provider realized that meeting customer expectations and demands in evolving regulatory and taxation environments required a boost in its business agility and operational efficiency. With increasingly data-driven care plans, it was essential that the insurance provider conform to stringent Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations designed to protect customers’ medical records and other personal information. At the same time, the insurance provider wanted to stop managing its data center and instead focus on core business and strategy. The firm’s leadership saw transitioning to the cloud as a vital leap to future prosperity, and the best way to meet its goals, and turned to Cognizant for a solution.

Our approach

Mindful of the insurance provider’s need to minimize disruption during and after the implementation, we recommended Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud for the migration. Based on our understanding of the tenets of HIPAA, we used a compliance framework to ensure each migrated app adhered to the client’s policies. We created a cloud migration factory to move the client’s applications and production workloads to AWS, utilizing over 70 reusable blueprints to accelerate the migration. We developed a real-time dashboard to display the current status of various migration sprints. We also created a dedicated governance and testing program to complement the transfer of data carried out by our cloud migration factory.

Seamless migration to AWS cloud

We leveraged a unitized pricing model and ensured the successful migration of every application. We migrated 146 HIPAA-compliant apps, and our cloud operational readiness framework guaranteed that the migration was completed with minimal disruption, on time and within budget. Leveraging our operations handover framework, we ensured a smooth transition of the migrated environment to the client’s operations personnel. Using cloud organization and change management frameworks, we identified and addressed organizational changes. We also trained or reskilled associates for cloud adoption. The transition to cloud has improved the business agility and future preparedness of the healthcare insurance provider.


HIPAA compliance for all apps


applications migrated


reusable blueprints utilized to accelerate the migration