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Case study

The challenge

An Post Money—the financial services wing of the Republic of Ireland’s postal services market leader—realized that its future business success in a cashless economy required a digital transformation to reinforce a one-to-one relationship with each current and prospective financial services customer and leverage the extensive Mails and Parcels customer base. 

Since existing standalone An Post Money applications were often branded versions of off-the-shelf products that lacked integration, it was difficult to leverage the equity of the An Post brand, and the disconnected offerings made it challenging to deliver a seamless customer experience. A modern technology platform was required to deliver on the business’s large-scale and revolutionary vision. An Post and Cognizant partnered to transform An Post Money with market-leading, differentiated customer experiences to enable it to leapfrog incumbent banks and effectively compete with fintech challengers in the rapidly evolving Irish financial services market.

Our approach

Cognizant led the engagement and worked with An Post Retail to identify opportunities to drive customer acquisition and retention as well as create opportunities to cross-sell An Post products and services. The team created effective, differentiated products and experiences that met customer needs and allowed An Post Money to position itself as a serious contender in the retail banking space. 

The An Post Retail technology environment is now centered and supported by a new An Post Money digital ecosystem, built during phase one of the engagement. A redesigned app and web experience are part of an omnichannel platform that will help the company engage, acquire and retain customers as they consume the An Post Money offerings. The team also created a rich youth account product, paving the way for lasting relationships with these new customers. Additionally, we built a new banking platform that targets Current Accounts and new Youth Accounts, putting An Post Money in a great position to create new innovative products and services.

Digital transformation sets foundation for new products and services

Phase one of the multiphase transformation sets the foundation for a number of new An Post Money products and services and puts An Post Retail on the path to becoming the Irish consumer’s preferred financial services provider.

Additional features in the pipeline for An Post Retail customers include smart budgeting with a financial fitness program, credit card and foreign exchange integration into the core banking app, plus travel support. Under its five-year plan, An Post Retail plans to increase the 250,000 customers across its current accounts, credit cards, loans and foreign exchanges business to one million active customers by 2025.


estimated increase in year-over-year customer acquisition


projected growth in digital onboarding of new customers


expected in Net Promoter Scores and app review ratings