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Step by step: An expert-led path to a cloud-native workforce

Bringing our strengths together to serve you better.

  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry: Secure Code Deployment with Zero Downtime

    Software is the present and the future. To stay competitive, teams are writing and deploying more than ever. But tolerance for downtime is near zero, and security has never been more important. How do you stay competitive and still create the software necessary to your digital business growth? The answer is Pivotal Cloud Foundry, the proven solution for companies seeking software-led digital transformation. Our solution offers:

    • Developer Productivity: Use PCF’s portfolio of modern runtimes—Pivotal Application Service, Pivotal Container Service and Pivotal Function Service—to deliver features faster.
    • Operator Efficiency: Enjoy a 200:1 developer to operator ratio. Designed for zero-downtime deployments. Run on every major private and public cloud.
    • Comprehensive Security: Reduce risk in your app portfolio. Protect systems from attackers using Pivotal’s three Rs of security: repair, repave and rotate.
    • High Availability: Deliver enterprise SLAs at scale. Rely on built-in high availability to keep customer-facing systems online under even the most challenging circumstances.
  • Spring Cloud Services (SCS) and Steeltoe: Moving Microservices at Speed

    Microservice developers need to be able to quickly build and iterate on new applications and architectures that are scalable, portable, resilient and amenable to frequent updates—while minimizing risk. Pivotal makes it possible for developers to build quality microservices with two important frameworks: Spring Cloud Services (SCS) and Steeltoe.

    SCS builds on the foundation of Spring Boot, Spring Cloud and NetflixOSS to simplify crucial operational patterns for microservices running on Pivotal Cloud Foundry. SCS packages server-side components of the popular Spring Cloud projects, including Service Registry, Circuit Breaker and Config Server, and makes them available as services in the Pivotal Services Marketplace.

    Steeltoe gives .NET developers the tools to implement industry-standard best practices for any microservice built for the cloud. The Steeltoe client libraries give .NET Core and .NET Framework apps access to Netflix Eureka, Hystrix, Spring Cloud Config Server and Cloud Foundry services.

  • Continuous Integration and Delivery: Keeping Your Code Rolling

    Your team needs to respond to user feedback and ship new application code to production quickly and safely. Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) allow them to dramatically speed up the process of testing new application code and getting it ready to go live.

    Concourse is an open-source CI system that developers use to continuously integrate code changes into the main code branch and execute tests against those changes throughout the software development lifecycle. Spinnaker is an open-source, multi-cloud CD tool for rapidly deploying software releases to cloud platforms, setting your project pipeline on a “golden path” to production.

    This set of comprehensive CI/CD capabilities for PCF ensures new application code is always tested, secure and ready for deployment, so your teams can ship to production with confidence when the time is right.

  • Application Upgrade: A Gradual Path to Cloud Maturity

    Evolving customer demands force companies to innovate quickly, but most of the world’s developers work with legacy applications on outdated platforms and use antiquated tools. Moving to the cloud can be hindered by a complex application portfolio that is tightly coupled and sparsely documented or impeded by manual, tedious processes that are designed to minimize risk and maintain compliance but no longer meet the needs for speed and frequent software releases in today’s world.

    We transform your legacy portfolio into a cloud-native toolset to modernize your apps while maintaining security, resilience and compliance. Through measured, incremental steps that gradually increase the cloud maturity of your app portfolio, the automation in your software development lifecycle and the knowledge within your team, you are fully prepared for meeting today’s challenges.

  • Platform Acceleration Lab: Upskilling App Developers and Architects

    Give your team the skills to walk the talk. The Platform Acceleration Lab (PAL) is an immersive, best practices set of courses that enables developers and architects to develop new applications, move applications (replatforming) and modernize existing applications on Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

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