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Strategic alliances with the world's leading companies enable us to provide complete solutions to your business and IT challenges.

Pivotal and Cognizant work with enterprises to accelerate digital transformation to cloud native architectures, next generation products, methodologies and best practices.

Pivotal’s mission is to transform how the world builds software.

Pivotal offers a modern approach to technology that organizations need to thrive in a new era of business innovation. Our solutions intersect cloud, big data and agile development, creating a framework that increases data leverage, accelerates application delivery and decreases costs while providing enterprises the speed and scale they need to compete.

Pivotal and Cognizant have partnered to deliver joint solutions geared towards providing enterprise clients with greater levels of agility, efficiency at scale and helping them accelerate digital transformations to achieve better business benefits and outcomes.

To find out more on what Cognizant and Pivotal can do for you, mail us at:



Pivotal Cloud Foundry is the comprehensive cloud-native platform for building your future. We transform:

  • How developers deploy software and consume services
  • How operators install and manage platforms
  • How companies secure software

With Pivotal Cloud Foundry, companies deploy custom software to a multi-cloud platform that handles containerization, application scaling, logging, health monitoring and more.


Spring accelerates cloud-native Java application development. Cloud-native applications are about delivering business value while reducing risk. To meet these demands, microservice developers need to be able to quickly build and iterate on new applications and architectures that are scalable, portable, resilient and amenable to frequent updates. Spring technologies unlock the speed and resiliency of the microservices approach and make them accessible and enjoyable for Java developers building next generation applications using an Apache 2.0 license.

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