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Cognizant BigDecisions

Business success depends upon the speed decisions and the accuracy of data. When intelligent decisions are essential, Cognizant’s Data Modernization Platform provides the solution. Cognizant BigDecisions® is a pre-engineered, end-to-end solution for ingesting data to operationalize analytics enterprise wide. This suite of proprietary tools makes data more readily accessible, reliable and compliant—to empower critical, real-time business decisions.

Platform modernization modules

Four BigDecision modules help business to construct a data-ready platform quickly:


Real-time, metadata-driven data ingestion and processing lets you acquire data from multiple types of sources with a robust data ingestion framework and smart connectors that include ad hoc, batch or advanced scheduling options.


Integrate and process complex data flows—both batch and real-time—through a rich and intuitive, drag-and-drop graphical user interface for easy access.


Perform self-service data quality management, including data profiling, validation, cleansing and data governance with monitoring and reporting of data quality via pre-built views, drill-downs and dashboards.


Acquire data from social media streams, IoT and enterprise sources, create complex data flows for real-time stream/batch processing of incoming events and develop streaming jobs using an interactive, no-code interface.

75% less time

than platforms built from the ground up

Intelligent Data Works

Intelligent Data Works is a flexible, capable data foundry with a set of unique AI and ML accelerators that automate manual tasks and make data accessible when and where it’s needed. These automation and intelligence tools drive business innovation and outcomes to create an AI data pipeline with:

Responsive data modeling
Responsive data modeling

Speeds time to market by automatically generating data models, leverages AI and machine learning, performs impact analyses and self-corrects the mapping to load data into the targets.

Augmented representation of data
Data integration
Data integration

Accelerates the end-to-end life cycle of data integration projects, enabling faster time to market, lower implementation costs and improved productivity.

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Intelligent migration
Intelligent migration

Speeds decisioning and technology migrations using end-to-end solutions such as downstream and upstream data integration with new apps/databases, and apps running on existing technology.

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Testing services
Testing services

Manages extract, transform and load (ETL) big data automation, providing data access across the organization while saving time and reducing errors with QA using the latest big data technologies.

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DevOps and DataOps
DevOps and DataOps

Automates development of complex operations for more flexible and dynamic data management. Ensures continuous integration and a continuous delivery pipeline for data predictability and transparency.

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Data services
Data services

Speeds data to downstream applications and extracts it to external systems and end-user reports. Puts actionable data in the hands of those who can effect change.

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Learn about the Cognizant Data Modernization Method that puts our industry-leading expertise to work on your data modernization platform.

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