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Empowering you success: Smart Factory Navigator - Interview with Pramod Tiwari, Consulting Head of Products & Resources, Continental Europe
Contact: Pramod Tiwari, Consulting Head of Products & Resources

The Smart Factory Navigator, a solution that we offer in partnership with SFN AG is a framework that helps you identify, prioritize, and implement the most relevant and impactful use cases for your digitalization journey. You are looking for a way to transform your manufacturing business into a smart factory.  You want to leverage the power of industry 4.0 and digital technologies to optimize your value chain. To know more about our smart factory experiences and know how, Cognizant insight blog talks with Pramod Tiwari, Consulting Head of Production & Resources.

1. What makes the collaboration between Cognizant and SFN so unique in driving Industry 4.0 innovation and transformation in the DACH market?

The collaboration between Cognizant and SFN is uniquely positioned to drive Industry 4.0 innovation and transformation in the DACH market due to its comprehensive approach to tackling the common pain points faced by manufacturing sites. By directly linking digital initiatives to tangible business value , this partnership stands out for its ability to demystify the digitalization process and make the Smart Factory concept accessible to all manufacturing businesses, thereby directly addressing the skepticism around the value of digitalization and providing a clear path to value.

2. What's special about Cognizant's contribution to this collaboration, and how does the company help customers stand out in accelerating the smart manufacturing journey for its clients?

Cognizant brings to this collaboration a blend of deep industry and technological expertise and a rich consulting know how, making it possible for customers to navigate the complex landscape of smart manufacturing solutions with ease. We help not only confirm the business case and feasibility of the company-specific smart manufacturing use cases, but also shape tailored roadmaps to scale the digital transformation through state-of-art IT solutions. That way, Cognizant helps its customers not only to accelerate their smart manufacturing journey but also to achieve impacts across the globe, and distinguish in the competitive market with strategic and operational excellence.

3. What does it mean for you, to be part of such an innovative collaboration, like this one?

Being part of such an innovative collaboration is immensely rewarding. It represents an opportunity to be at the forefront of the digital transformation journey, helping to shape the future of manufacturing. Through this partnership, I'm able to contribute to meaningful changes that not only enhance the digital maturity of businesses but also have a real impact on the ground, enabling clients to see the tangible benefits of their digital initiatives. It's about making a difference in the industry and preparing businesses for the future in the most effective and value-driven way possible.

Benefit from the learnings of over 800 Use Cases

With the Smart Factory Navigator, you can benefit from the learnings of over 800 use cases within 20 industries that have been proven to deliver value and results.

SFN & Cognizant collaboration makes Smart Factory accessible to all manufacturing businesses by providing them with simple access to the right use cases and matching solutions, empowering them to drive their digital transformation and strengthen the industry.

We meet you where you are to reimagine your business, improve your value chain and prepare for the future.

  1. Identifying company-specific use cases and evaluating their maturity within the Smart Factory Framework
  2. Prioritizing the most relevant use cases in alignment with strategic goals
  3. Creation of a roadmap for selected use cases, taking into account dependencies and their implementation order
  4. Choosing the appropriate IT systems and tools and integrating them seamlessly into the existing IT landscape
  5. Planning the initial rollout, including IT implementation, operations, change management, key user engagement, training, and transformation

To know more, please visit our website specially following topics: Manufacturing and the Smart Factory Navigator campaign page.

"Innovating at the intersection of technology and strategy, the collaboration between Cognizant and SFN is not just about transforming businesses; it's about shaping the future of manufacturing to be smarter, more efficient, and incredibly adaptive to the evolving digital era." 

Pramod Tiwari, Consulting Head of Products & Resources, Continental Europe

Pramod Tiwari

Consulting Head of Products & Resources, Continental Europe

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Pramod Tiwari is a growth mindset leader leading a rapidly growing Cognizant Consulting team for the Product and Resources vertical in the Continental Europe region, delivering complex business transformation programmes across leading clients in Germany and Switzerland. With over 25+ years of experience.

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