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DigitalLab@OST – a place where Science, Digital Technologies and Business Know-How converge and where Innovation has no boundaries – Interview with Dr. Vlatko Davidovski
Contact: Dr. Vlatko Davidovski, Industry Consulting Leader

DigitalLab@OST is the place to be for implementation-oriented digitalization from idea to scale driven by the latest findings in applied sciences. Our key goal is to facilitate rapid Digital Execution for manufacturing industries across the value chain. To give personal insights Cognizant Blog talks with Dr. Vlatko Davidovski, Cognizant, Industry Consulting Leader:

1. What makes DigitalLab@OST so unique in driving digital transformation in the DACH market?

DigitalLab@OST stands out for its unique experience in digital transformation, its highly passionate team, and the collaborative ecosystem that enables the magic of innovation to happen. By bringing together the scientific brains of OST University, the business acumen of University of St. Gallen, and the digital transformation experience and scalability of Cognizant - we enable exactly that - ideas to turn to products, services and business value.

2. What's special about Cognizant's contribution to the lab, and how does the company help customers stand out in accelerating digitalization for its clients?

Cognizant is one of the founders of the lab and knowing the importance of collaboration and partnership in innovation, we live that every day. Cognizant's contribution to the DigitalLab@OST is marked from day one of the lab foundation, by our deep industry expertise and global capabilities. We bring a wealth of experience in digital strategy, advisory, technology implementation, and change management, enabling our clients to unlock new opportunities and achieve sustainable growth. Most of our customers need to make innovation and transformation happen across the globe wherever they are, and that’s where we at Cognizant have a great track record.

3. What does it mean for you, to work in such an innovative environment, like the DigitalLab@OST?

Working in an innovation-driven environment like DigitalLab@OST is simply said inspiring. Every day, witnessing our team bring bold ideas and transform them into tangible products with such enthusiasm and passion - that is truly special and something to be grateful for. Our lab is a place where collaboration thrives, where impacts are real. Being surrounded by such an amazing team with unique personalities is incredibly captivating.

lab at work


A place to find allies

At DigitalLab@OST, we built a unique ecosystem that serves as a catalyst for digitalization, combining advances of applied sciences and with the deep industry & business expertise necessary for solutions to be integrated and scaled.

We ensure that client initiatives have a clear and rapid value realization by leveraging the capabilities of our unique collaboration platform where enterprises find the right allies to overcome challenges, innovate, and reinvent themselves.

The DigitalLab@OST is a unique partnership of three players:

  1. University OST - being the applied sciences factory
  2. University of St. Gallen - being the business factory maximizing value
  3. Cognizant - being the scaling factory helping clients scale innovation
How we work
  • A big family of experts - professors, consultants, partners and techies helping clients at every step of the way. Clients benefit from the knowledge and insights this expert-team, offering a wealth of expertise in science, technology,
    and digital transformation.
  • Proven methodology for innovation and digital journey shaping.
  • Experience from over 117 projects successfully delivered with tangible results.
  • 170 m2 innovation & workshop space for hands-on collaboration and experimentation, providing an immersive experience for innovation.
  • Regular events and conferences to provide platform for our clients to engage with thought leaders, industry experts, and peers in their objective to stay at the forefront of digital trends.


graphic what people work

Figure 1: DigitalLab@OST Innovation Approach

What we provide
  • Strategy Design – Advisory Services – Trailblazing – Digital Roadmap Shaping
  • Use Case Identification – Human centric proven approaches and focus on the realization of business value
  • Data Driven Approaches – Starting from sensing to collection to storage to analytics to insights
  • System Design & Implementation – Beginning with selection to PoC to Implementation to Integration to Scale
  • Knowledge - Applied Science – Thought Leadership - Benchmarking
  • Sustainability & Resiliency Program – Preparing companies for a future that lasts

To know more, please visit our website specially following topics: Manufacturing and the DigitalLab@Ost campaign page.

"Ready to embrace the power of bold ideas, innovation and collaboration? We are. Let’s shape the future together."

Dr. Vlatko Davidovski, Industry Consulting Leader, Cognizant Switzerland

Dr. Vlatko Davidovski

Industry Consulting Leader, Cognizant Switzerland

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Dr. Vlatko Davidovski is a passionate business transformation leader with over 20 years of consulting, business, management and digital experience across industries and geographies, followed by an outstanding track record in increasing innovation, productivity and reshaping organizations to the future of work. 

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