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New digital sales platform for Vorwerk

Vorwerk is worldwide well known for its Thermomix , generating annual sales of over three billion euros. The products are available via direct sales, online shops and company-owned stores. The diverse distribution channels, 20 years of sales and order datas along with the associated complex processes, were a significant consideration for Vorwerk to partner with Cognizant for the transition from SAP Business Suite 7 to SAP S/4HANA and cloud environment. To have an idea what is crucial for a migration like that we talk to Frank Rudolph, Program Manager, EPS SAP Tech & integration at Cognizant.  

What is foundational for such a successful project? 

Cooperation between different companies with different structures always has to be established at the beginning. Vorwerk, SNP and we were able to successfully drive this in the right direction together.  

What is essential to get right?

This is only possible with effective communication processes and a stringency that each partner implements in its own way and yet adapts to the structures of the other partner companies. There are sensitive moments - and if we can manage these together, we will have achieved an enormous amount for result driven delivery. 

But communication doesn't just mean talking?

And of course there are hurdles in a work process that combines various projects. But all this can be achieved if communication is right, if it takes place in reliable, binding structures and if all partners not only talk, but also really listen to each other. And the be-all and end-all, and unfortunately this is not always the case, is that everyone really wants to achieve good results together.

Is only English language needed in a global corporate structure?

Yes, of course, but it is still an advantage that we speak the local language, so we can conduct important negotiations at Vorwerk in German.

That outstanding performance is recognized from Holger Ehser, IT Manager, Vorwerk:

"This was one of the most successful go-lives of one of the largest projects I have seen in the last 35 years at Vorwerk. We had seven complex projects go live in one weekend with no significant errors. One key success factor was the collaboration between Vorwerk in Germany, Austria and France with Vorwerk International, Vorwerk Group IT, Cognizant and partners—all working together as a joint success team." 

With the system going live on time and to plan, Vorwerk now benefits from:
  • Future-proof SAP backend system
  • Seamless scalability
  • Harmonized financial processes
  • A platform for growth

To get a deep dive for more information please go to our case study here, look at our SAP webpage and contact our experts on that project: Andreas Verchin and Frank Rudolph.


Frank Rudolph

EPS SAP Program Management, Cognizant

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Frank Rudolph is a program management expert with a passion for successfully implementing improved customer experiences in the digital age through the latest SAP solutions. As an SAP Program Manager, he holds certifications in various areas, including SAP Activate and SAFe SASM and more.

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