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“The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man’s determination” says Tommy Lasorda. Rightly so, as when our client transitioned to Oracle Fusion Cloud their license consumption and related costs were expected to spiral out of control if not resolved soon. The client and Cognizant team together came up with a holistic solution, saving 2280 licenses for the client!

The background 

Our client, one of the world’s largest non-profit organizations that runs a worldwide movement to fight HIV, tuberculosis and malaria to ensure a healthier, safer and more equitable future. They decided to transition from Oracle EBS R12 to Oracle Fusion Cloud through a tier 1 IT supplier. Since this transition was done without efficient cloud cost governance, the license consumption was sometimes 5x-8x more on some modules than the subscribed quantity. This came to our client as a big shock, and they needed a solution! As Cognizant had been supporting their Oracle Fusion application, they reached out to us.

The solution 

It was noticed that the client had subscribed to a fixed number of licenses based on their Oracle EBS user headcount. However, Oracle Fusion Cloud’s billing is based on user privileges instead of headcount which resulted in the overbilling.

Cognizant team worked with the client to create a holistic approach to eliminate overconsumed licenses. They began by performing an extensive data analysis for over 6 months on the usage for every user and their assigned roles. Based on the results from the analysis, they designed an action plan that reduced the overconsumption by:

  • Managing licenses efficiently by changing standard licenses consumed roles to customized one with required access.
  • Removing nonessential users and elevated roles from the subscribed list
  • Implementing close monitoring in terms of tracking usage of licenses and approval of subscribed roles
  • Ensuring zero disruption to business operations with rigorous testing
  • Executing the plan with effective communication and continuous involvement of key stakeholders
The outcome 

There was a 60% reduction in license consumption that led to 2280 licenses being saved for our client and in turn resulted in significant cost avoidance!

Let us hear from our client

For many companies, a hybrid strategy is the tried and tested means to success. It combines the best of both worlds, minimizes risk and saves costs at the same time. Modern mainframes can also play an important role in the target architecture. For example, a company could leverage the resilience of mainframe platforms and use them for business-critical applications. For customer-oriented applications, on the other hand, it turns to the cloud.

Ready for the digital age

“The work done by each of you has been amazing, something not attempted before and is a testament to an amazing collaboration. The outcome speaks for itself, as every dollar saved will be directed towards saving lives. This initiative is also much appreciated by our colleagues in Finance. Kudos to the team!”

- S. M., Application Services Manager

To learn more please explore our NGO-technology-solution page.

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