Retirement plan administrators must cut costs and improve experiences.

Cognizant® Automated Retirement Operations (CARO) - enables you to rapidly digitize, automate, and transform your retirement operations – with up to 26% reduced overall cost of participant (CPP).

  • Automate retirement operations – fast!

    CARO follows a “retirement out-of-the-box” blueprint, providing a set of preconfigured core processes and functionalities that minimize time to market and increase operational agility. 

  • Deliver participant experience

    • Anticipate and respond to participant needs and regulations (CARES act, Secure Act, etc.)
    • Deliver exceptional service experience amidst transaction spikes from M&A and market disrupters
    • Enable omni-channel experience for better customer servicing and retention
  • Accelerate IT agility

    • Low-code/no-code and configuration-based for minimal IT development
    • Open, plug and play architecture tool agnostic solution designed for integration with any surrounds
    • Cloud native, modular design enables agility, incremental adoption/roll-out and alignment to future state IT strategy

       24 - 26%

reduced overall cost of participant (CPP)


See how Cognizant Automated Retirement Operations (CARO) anticipates participant needs.

CARO features like Predictive Churn and Next-Best-Action – fueled by AI, ML, and NLP and 10 unique systems – to a highly anticipatory, zero-touch operation.

Action & insight

CARO automates retirement operations for bottom line value.

Solution overview for IT and business leaders

Peruse this 5-minute hybrid technical-business read to learn how Cognizant Automated Retirement Operations (CARO) works to reduce overall cost of participant (CPP) by 24-26%.

Retirement ops dilemma: Cut costs and drive growth!

Long sidelined from digital transformation efforts due to constrained resources and inflexible platforms, retirement recordkeeping firms can now offer new services and add business capabilities without increasing CPP.

It’s time for a new retirement services experience

COVID has highlighted the need for a more streamlined retirement services experience, using modern technologies to boost efficiency while reducing costs

Ready for your custom CARO demo?

Learn how Cognizant helps your business leaders automate retirement operations – fast.