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Norwegian businesses can build on their innovation strengths by getting more value from their tech investments and embedding their ESG efforts into the business core, according to findings from a global Cognizant/Economist Impact survey. And the Norwegian leaders are leading the pack when it comes to prioritizing digital.

Norway ranks 20th among the 132 economies featured in the Global Innovation Index 2021. While a fossil-fuelled economy has paved the way for wealth, Norway has also quickly become a leader in renewable energy and is adopting aggressive emission reduction targets. With petroleum still accounting for 40 percent of its exports, however, much more remains to be done. 

For Norway’s businesses, this means building on their strong sustainable innovation credentials. Doing so will require them to address challenges around processes and talent constraints, as well as to drive greater value from their technology investments. 

These and other findings have emerged from a global survey by The Economist Impact Group that Cognizant commissioned in 2022. The survey covered 2,000 senior executives from multinational companies across the world, including 135 executives from Norway. 

The survey reveals several interesting findings:

  • 97 percent of Norwegian executives believed that data-driven working methods and prioritizing digital business models were a strategic priority, the highest percentage in the whole survey.
  • 45 percent of respondents stated their digital investments as business-critical.
  • Norwegian executives have a great appetite for using emerging technologies to investigate new opportunities: robotics (61 percent), blockchain technology (58 percent) and quantum computers (55 percent).


To read the full report, please visit our Modern Business section of the web.

Anne-Sofie Risåsen

Head of Nordics - Cognizant

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Anne-Sofie leder Cognizant i Norden fra sin base i Oslo. Hun har ansvar for strategisk planlegging, kommersiell utvikling og kundeleveranser.

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