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Cognizant’s Telco team has won a prestigious innovation award for Best Business Impact at Digital Transformation World 2022 in Copenhagen in September. Key theme for the conference was “how operators can monetize their 5G investments”. Cognizant’s team participated with two innovations in the Catalyst program, a program aimed at bringing innovation to life.

Digital Transformation World is arranged by TM Forum, which leads collaboration between Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and a community of software vendors, hyperscalers, system integrators and consulting firms. Cognizant plays an active part in TMF by sharing experiences to collaboratively solve complex challenges, create thought leadership and accelerate business change enabled by next-generation technologies.

Proof-of-concept projects for co-creating innovative solutions

The whole purpose of TM Forum’s Catalyst program is to empower more innovative solutions that address key industry challenges, such as how to accelerate innovation, speed up problem-solving and manage transformation journeys. Innovation is facilitated and accelerated through collaboratively developed toolkits and frameworks.

Cognizant’s CMT team (Communication Media & Telco) took the collective challenges of digital transformation on board and developed two innovations:

  • Catalyst 1: Monetizing 5G investments enabled by Zero-touch Digital Marketplace
    Cognizant’s Zero-touch Digital Services Marketplace enables communication providers to go beyond connectivity to become a digital ecosystem provider with a focus on industry solutions and use cases. The solution leverage TMF Open Digital Architecture (ODA) principles and demonstrates how CSPs can bring new services and products from an ecosystem of partners via a zero-touch digital marketplace leveraging 5G, IoT, and edge computing.

    The solution’s initial industry focus is around facility management/sustainability, healthcare, sports, mining and gaming. This cross-industry Catalyst solution will help CSPs realize new revenue streams as countless sectors undergo digital transformation in the years ahead.

    The Cognizant team behind the Zero-touch Digital Marketplace Phase III was awarded for “Outstanding catalyst: business impact”. No less than 60 people from nine companies were involved, demonstrating how digital collaboration and innovation can give tangible results.

  • Catalyst 2: Connected drones and location services for higher-quality experiences
    Our Autonomous Network Hyperloop Catalyst examines how autonomous networks can be used to revolutionize tourism and immersive experiences. This Catalyst brings to life how applications – such as drones and location services – connect to one single self-healing network and interface, which enables people to engage with more informed experiences, uninterrupted.

To learn more, please visit our CMT section of the web.


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