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Cognizant's IAM service pioneers Security Management as a Service for actionable risk intelligence.

Leading enterprises need a consistent way of identifying users, access and operations—not just to support audit needs, but also to enable cross-selling initiatives. Our Identity & Access Management (IAM) solutions can transform a patchwork of systems struggling to meet regulatory mandates such as SOX or HIPPA into a strategic business enabler.

Key to our services is a large team of IAM consultants and engineers. Armed with years of experience, access to strategic partnerships and command of leading security products, we have a proven track record with over 300 implementations to our credit.


Access Management

To ensure users, systems and devices are who they say they are enterprises need Authentication Services. From web access management to enterprise single sign-on and a wide range of authentication services—multi-factor, risk-based and context-aware Access Management capability is pivotal to securing enterprise information. While access control is about restricting access to the right set of users, our solution designs strike the right balance by enabling swift access for business users and vesting greater visibility and control with administrators.

In addition, we offer our own solution for multi-factor authentication, called Truzign, which integrates seamlessly with existing access management implementations.

Identity Management and Provisioning

In today’s enterprise, the consistent recognition of a user’s identity and seamless access to apps and devices is pivotal for both security and accessibility. At Cognizant, our identity management and provisioning services can help you achieve these goals.

By implementing leading identity management solutions, we help establish digital identities made up of a user’s personal attributes, such as address, phone number and organization descriptors and we establish ID credentials such as user passwords and certifications. We can also help with provisioning—the process of setting up the user’s identity, defining their access privileges and adding them to various target systems.

Role/Entitlement Management

Role management refers to the process of IT role creation and generally includes maintenance in alignment with business roles that complement identity and access management. Building out an efficient system requires inputs from both the business and IT administration team and this is where Cognizant can help. Using our accelerators in data gathering, role modeling and role definition, you can jumpstart a role management effort using either a role mining or role engineering approach. Either way, you will begin to move away from dealing with individuals and their access rights towards a more systematic method.

Our experience includes building custom solutions for large banks and financial institutions to implementing the best commercial products such as IdentityNow from SailPoint Technologies and Oracle Identity Analytics.

Identity and Access Governance

Access governance is the appropriate enforcement of three entitlement concepts: "need to know", "least privileges" and "segregation of duties". At Cognizant, our solutions can help you manage entitlements and roles as well as access policies and certifications. Access governance closes the gap between business processes—which should determine what user rights are appropriate—and where user rights are actually stored and enforced.

Our access governance services focus on policy definition from the business, policy implementation with a custom or commercial product and integration with various applications for periodic certification along with continuous review for re-certification and closed-loop remediation.


User Management Center

UMC is Cognizant's proprietary User Management Center (UMC) solution for modularity and extreme customization. It is a low cost, high ROI Identity Manager providing most features found in high-end commercial products.

Security Management as a Service (SMaaS)

This Cognizant solution binds multiple security components under one roof to empower CISOs with risk intelligence for defending enterprises against targeted attacks, data risks, platform risks and access proliferation.

Cognizant Authentication Service Single Sign-on Framework

Cognizant Authentication Service (CAS) Cognizant's proprietary authentication framework, provides managers with single window authentication to all applications. It includes support for multi-user store and single sign-on.

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