Stepping Stones for Strengthening the Bonds of Workplace Belonging


COVID-19 has disrupted the way businesses engage with employees and each other. Despite the challenges, opportunities exist to cultivate and nurture a sense of belonging so everyone feels valued and respected.

As humans, we all feel the need to belong — both where we live and where we work. While workplace bonds have long been part of corporate life, workplace cultural efforts have long assumed that a feeling of belonging just happens automatically.

This is far from true. To find out which factors are critical to cultivating the feeling of belonging, we surveyed 10,000 employees globally. The survey revealed six key findings that highlight perceptions about belonging at the workplace. In order to successfully cultivate a strong sense of belonging, we recommend how business leaders can foster a belonging workplace that prioritizes employee engagement and productivity.

To learn more, read our research report, “What It Means to Belong @ Work,” visit our Diversity & Inclusion page, or contact us.