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Customer win

Client challenge

A leading Malaysian insurer wanted to plan its next generation operating model to support the future requirements of its customers and rapidly expanding business. The client required a consulting partner who could help develop a plan to modernize key systems in order to deliver enterprise-wide agility, starting with key corporate development business units. The client needed a comprehensive plan to digitize its operations, sales and payments as foundation for exponential growth.

Why Cognizant?

Cognizant helps Insurers to reimagine their businesses, tailor digital solutions and build innovative systems. Our extensive experience helps Insurance industry clients modernise proprietary and industry platforms and reimagine their business:

  • Industry solutions - Across digital domains including data & analytics, software and cloud
  • Technical specialization - Industry technology platforms and software experience and certifications
  • Domain experience - Industry consultants with proven transformation and value creation experience

Our solution

Our Cognizant consultants provide insurers with a comprehensive strategy to transform operational and process efficiencies, customer experience and technology architectures, helping to deliver insights at speed and solutions at scale.  A bespoke next-gen platform was designed and developed leveraging Cognizant’s proprietary framework.

  • Conduct industry-based research and apply industry insights to assess future ready operating platform requirements.
  • Assess impact a new policy administration system on enterprise technical architecture and operating landscape.
  • Align stakeholder requirements into a new target operating model.

Project goals

Create a new target operating model vision, built on Industry best practices:

  • Digital - Transformation of operations, sales and payments functions
  • Agile - Target exponential increases in operational efficiency
  • Future ready - Meet future business growth and deliver seamless experiences for customers    

Leader in Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix®

Cognizant named a Leader by the Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix® for Data and Analytics Service Providers with automation capabilities infused across the data and analytics value chain.

2x growth

in Group Employee Benefits business unit

5x growth

in Credit Life business unit

3x growth

in other product lines