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February, 08, 2016

Cognizant Reports Fourth Quarter And Full Year 2015 Results


The Cognizant Difference

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New technologies make healthcare more personal

Growing healthcare needs present new opportunities for life sciences companies to advance the future of medicine with digital.

Consulting & Solutions

Cognizant offers a broad array of consulting and solutions for Life Sciences, Global Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies.
Solution Spotlight
Combining strategy and creative with analytics and technology to craft meaningful multichannel experiences in Life Sciences.


Life Sciences: Leveraging Customer Data for Commercial Success
As the healthcare buying process becomes increasingly complex, master data management solutions focused on customer relationships are critical for life sciences companies to excel.
Audit: When it Comes to Digital Promotional Content, Does the Life Sciences Industry Know What It’s Missing?
With most brand promotional content now available online, it's time for life sciences companies to apply the same rigor and controls to digital content as they do for print.
Leveraging Anonymized Patient Level Data to Detect Hidden Market Potential
Longitudinal analysis of anonymized patient level data (APLD) is a powerful tool for assessing patient experience on a granular level that will lead to better treatment outcomes and increased life sciences market penetration.
Pervasive Analytics: Measuring the Impact of a Celebrity Direct‑to‑Customer Campaign in Pharma
Pharmaceutical companies using celebrity direct‑to‑customer (DTC) campaigns need an analytics system of computing potential ROI based on the right set of variables.
Serialization: Driving Business Value Beyond Compliance
Serialization and track-and-trace capabilities are not just useful for meeting regulatory compliance mandates; pharmaceutical companies can also explore their use to improve supply chain planning and operations, elevate patient engagement and increase sales and marketing effectiveness.
Patients Recruitment Forecast in Clinical Trials
Inaccurate patient recruitment forecasts for clinical trials cost pharmaceuticals and medical device manufacturers a huge amount of resources each year. We offer descriptions and examples of applying stochastic and non-stochastic approaches to increase accuracy in this crucial stage of drug testing.
The Affordable Care Act and Its Impact on Workers’ Compensation
While the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is expected to reduce the number of uninsured and improve personal wellness in the U.S., the law's changes in workforce definitions will significantly impact workforce dynamics, employee hiring, employers' benefits strategies and wellness programs—requiring a reevaluation of how workers' compensation is accounted for and delivered.
Identifying Key Opinion Leaders Using Social Network Analysis
In the pharmaceutical industry, locating key opinion leaders (KOLs) is essential—and very difficult—for clinical trials and other assessments. We provide a method and an in‑depth example of using social network analysis (SNA) to identify these critical players.
Making Life Easier for Investigators: A Shared Solution for Smarter, Faster Clinical Trials
The industry's Shared Investigator Platform significantly reduces the time and cost of clinical trials, simplifying work for investigators and bringing promising therapies to market more quickly.
The Rise of the Smart Product Economy
Making products smart can deliver game‑changing innovation, enriched customer experiences and new, across‑the‑board levels of efficiency. Our latest research reveals practical steps business leaders can take to benefit from this quickly intensifying and accelerating trend.


  • Pharma Client Consolidates Customer Data
  • IT Delivery Support for a Global Pharmaceutical Client
  • Pharma Company Integrates Data Tracking Methods
  • Proactive Pharmacovigilance for a Major Biopharmaceutical Company

Pharma Client Consolidates Customer Data

A large pharmaceutical company with over 6,000 employees wanted to simplify the customer management information that was distributed in multiple systems across its sales and marketing organization. Cognizant designed, developed and implemented a system that consolidated all the information to a single point data source for other sales and marketing systems, including the CRM system.

The new system was developed using Web-based technology utilizing a combination of J2EE and EAI technology (TIBCO).

  • Simplified customer information.
  • Consolidated data sources to a single point data source.
  • Leveraged J2EE and TIBCO technologies.

IT Delivery Support for a Global Pharmaceutical Research Group

With major R&D sites in Sweden, the U.K. and the U.S., a global pharmaceutical client turned to Cognizant to provide IT delivery support for its research scientist community. Cognizant delivered a combination of onsite and remote infrastructure management (RIM) support, increasing coverage and driving higher levels of user satisfaction.

Our team also employed Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to drive continuous improvement in process areas throughout the research labs. DOWNLOAD PDF

  • Onsite and Remote Infrastructure (RIM) Support increased user satisfaction.
  • Lean and Six Sigma helped drive continuous improvement.

Pharma Company Integrates Data Tracking Methods

To comply with The Physician Payment Sunshine Act, a large pharmaceutical client faced the difficult task of integrating disparate data tracking methods used to capture physician payments. The client needed Cognizant’s support to re-engineer the client’s processes, as payment information was not being captured to the level of detail required for reporting purposes.

Cognizant leveraged the Pega BPM suite to implement core compliance capabilities. The new system standardized business processes, integrated disparate systems and captured details needed for transparency of reporting. DOWNLOAD PDF

  • Cognizant re-engineered business process for capturing physician payments.
  • Standardized business processes.
  • Integrated disparate systems.
  • Increased transparency of reporting.

Proactive Pharmacovigilance for a Major Biopharmaceutical Company

A major biopharmaceutical company’s global safety organization wanted to close its cases within one business day, regardless of the time or locale of origination. This would have required expensive new call centers, case processors and medical reviewers around the globe.

Rather than setting up new facilities and hiring people, the firm turned to Cognizant for an outcome-based service delivery model. Today cases are processed around the clock, around the world, with virtual teams of globally based experts and operational teams sharing data. DOWNLOAD PDF

  • Cognizant provided an outcome-based service delivery model.
  • Cases processed around-the-clock.
  • Client achieved significant cost-avoidance and performance boost by partnering with Cognizant.
  • Pharma Client Consolidates Customer Data
  • IT Delivery Support for a Global Pharmaceutical Research Group
  • Pharma Company Integrates Data Tracking Methods
  • Proactive Pharmacovigilance for a Major Biopharmaceutical Company


Our Clinical Transformation solution revamps the clinical trial process with a vision for the Future of Work. READ MORE

The pharmaceuticals industry is facing a crisis best solved by pulling value levers intended to optimize brand contribution, including virtualization, innovation and efficiency. READ MORE

  • Cognizant’s Clinical Transformation: More than a Solution, It’s a New Way to Work
  • Virtual Brand Management: Optimizing Brand Contribution


The life sciences industry is in a state of constant change. To ensure long-term survival, any life sciences enterprise must be able to transform itself on a regular basis.LEARN MORE

Compliance is a never-ending concern in life sciences, since the ultimate goal of the product development processis a new compound or device that can be marketed with the approval of regulators.LEARN MORE

  • Business Transformation
  • Coping with Compliance

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