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We’re heading for a disconnected future with key industry players approaching open finance in very different ways.

Four key themes emerged from our research which highlights the distinctly different approaches to, and ambitions, for open finance amongst financial services competitors.

  • Overcoming commitment issues

    Financial institutions are set on becoming customer-centric and open finance presents many opportunities, yet, it is often ignored as a powerful lever. The CMA9 and incumbent banks may be pledging commitment to customers and open finance, but they are focusing their investments elsewhere.

  • Getting the risk/reward trade-off right

    Many decision makers don’t have the evidence that their customers want open finance and so aren’t pushing to provide it as the risk is too great.

  • Playing catch up

    Each industry player moving towards open finance has ambitious plans for the next six months and is confident in achieving them. But are they acting quickly enough to close the gap with those who are pulling ahead of the field?

  • Innovating with purpose to create change

    While all players are now able to talk confidently about innovation, there is a clear execution gap. Those who are best-in-class innovate as a BAU activity and have a laser focus on staying true to their purpose and customer needs.


believe open finance is important to their organisation’s future success


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