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The race is on in streaming services. Are you ready?

The market for direct-to-consumer streaming services is hotter than ever. Cognizant Direct-to-Consumer Media Solution lets your organization boost customer experience and retention and emerge a stronger player.
Our solution is modular, so you can select individual components or implement the full suite of services across your content supply chain. You choose the option that best fits your organization’s needs.
With Cognizant Direct-to-Consumer Media Solution, you leverage data, analytics and AI to position your streaming services for long-term success:

  • Build future-proof media supply chains
  • Expand distribution across the globe
  • Deliver hyper-personalized experiences
  • Monetize everything
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Flexible content distribution
Flexible content distribution

With a dynamic supply chain, you distribute content across multiple endpoints, platforms and territories. Use our agile framework to roll out media workflows and balance loads in real time.

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Enhanced subscriber experiences
Enhanced subscriber experiences

Deliver more compelling experiences across all of your channels. Customer data and insights increase your marketing effectiveness and engage subscribers with personalized content to drive loyalty.

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Smart monetization
Smart monetization

Improve subscription, advertising and revenue models to maximize every growth opportunity. Our proven approach makes your paid advertising more effective and lowers sales and campaign costs.

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Build a profitable streaming business

Listen in as experts from AWS and Gracenote join Cognizant to discuss data’s role in creating content that keeps viewers coming back.

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Latest thinking

Capture the wave: A winning streaming strategy

Cognizant makes success happen. Partner with our consulting and technology services across the content supply chain to launch, scale and enhance direct-to-consumer streaming services.

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Caroline Berg

Sales Director - Retail, Communications, Media & Technology

Mikael Wadlund

Client Partner - Communications, Media & Technology

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