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Cognizant Ocean

Making a big difference in the blue economy

Blue energy

Ensuring more reliable energy across land and sea

Blue life

Ensuring a safer, more resilient water supply

Blue transport

Extracting new value from cleaner, smarter maritime shipping


Using technology to feed a growing need

Water covers over 70% of the Earth’s surface. Yet only 2% of the world’s food comes from aquatic sources. As the population continues to grow and pressures on land-based farming increase, many experts are looking to the ocean.

But realizing this potential in a responsible, sustainable way is one of the greatest challenges facing the aquaculture industry. It will require new ways of thinking and acting. New methods of collecting and analyzing data. And resilient digital ecosystems powered by advanced technologies to streamline operations, uncover new opportunities and improve sustainability—on a global scale.

And that’s where we come in. 


Balancing increased demand with sustainable production


decline in freshwater species populations over the last 50 years


square kilometers of ocean ecosystems affected by excessive nutrient pollution


rise in global fish consumption expected by mid-century


Using data to make better decisions faster

Imagine if fish could tell us exactly what they need to maximize health and growth. Or feed formulas could be optimized based actual farm data. All in real time.

At Cognizant Ocean, we can help you collect and analyze the data needed to increase sustainability, reduce carbon emissions, unlock new opportunities and increase the overall health and yield of fish stocks. 


Bringing innovation to the surface

We work with our clients and partners to co-create empowering solutions that help organizations transition from an “as-is/to-be” mindset to an evolutionary model of continuous intervention, improvement and impact.

  • R&D collaboration between Cognizant, clients and partners and consulting advisory
  • Transition to net zero
  • Execute MVP to achieve specific, measurable, time-bound improvements
  • Sensor applications, machine learning operations, gen AI enablement
  • Next-gen initiatives create synergies across the Blue Economy
  • Disciplined, sequential scale and automation to maximize impact

Tidal and Cognizant—dedicated to sea-change

Tidal began as an Alphabet Moonshot Factory project to enhance our understanding of ocean health and the impact of climate change by helping organizations gain unprecedented visibility into the intricate aquatic relationships and ecosystems they rely on.

At Cognizant, we’re helping integrate these technologies into the enterprises that drive the Blue Economy forward, linking data and insights from across their organizations to improve efficiency and sustainability.


Advocating for change on a global scale

Achieving sustainable growth in the aquaculture industry means gathering input from a variety of stakeholders—individuals, companies, farms, animals and the environment.

That’s why Cognizant Ocean examines not only the physical aspects of production, like fish pens and animal welfare, but also the broader business ecosystem—regulators, feed producers, hatcheries, processors, retailers and more

By understanding these roles and interactions, we help our clients navigate complexity and make a meaningful, measurable difference in the long-term health and welfare of global ecosystems, local communities and the future of their business.

The time to act is now, the partner of choice is Cognizant.

Talk with us about the future of the blue economy

Each member of our team takes responsibility for creating a culture that enables exceptional experiences.


Product Owner


Product Owner
Nicolai Tarp


Head of Cognizant Ocean


Head of Cognizant Ocean
Stig Martin Fiskå


Commercial Lead


Commercial Lead

Bringing new technology to the ocean 

Find out how next-gen technologies are helping the aquaculture industry plan for the future and sustainably scale operations.

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About Cognizant Ocean

Dedicated to revolutionizing the blue economy, we prioritize  innovative technologies, sustainable practices, and balanced policies to merge economic growth with environmental stewardship.

With a united dedication to preserving our oceans, we strive for a world where marine ecosystems thrive, fostering sustainable livlihoods and safeguarding our planet's most precious resources for future generations.

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