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Bridging the
Experience Gaps

Explore the six key CX gaps you need to address now and learn how to meet and exceed your customers' expectations.



The experience delivery gap

Net Promoter Scores (NPS)



High-street retailers




Utility Companies



Global benchmark
for excellence


The capabilities gap

5 people 1 people

Only 1 in 5 marketers
think they’re getting CX right.


44% of marketers rate their CX capability as "OK" or worse in technology, experience design and processes space.


The culture gap

4 people 3 people

While nearly 3 in 4 marketers
identify CX as being crucial to their business.


Only 17% of business respondents strongly agree that their 'entire organisation is united around overall customer experience goals'.


The data and technology gap



Only 1 in 2 marketers reveal they can access the data they need across company silos.

Siloed organisational structures are the 2nd biggest reason that companies are not capable of delivering excellent CX.

Data and marketing technology are on top of marketers’ list for investments aimed to improve the customer experience.



Only half of the marketers think they have the tech tools and the back-end systems to deliver excellent CX.

Legacy technology and infrastructure is seen as the most significant barrier to a better CX.



The design gap


46% marketers

believe they have the required
UX capabilities to succeed.


The perception gap

There is a distinct mismatch between customers’
needs and desires, and what’s being prioritised by those
responsible for the customer experience.

Importance Score

Providing locally relevant information

Answering online queries

Getting tasks done quickly

Online experience should reflect other interactions with the business


Top five recommendations
for closing the CX gaps


Develop a robust CX plan built around the company


Commit to measuring CX


Refine the front-end digital experience


Align the whole organisation with the customer at the heart

Technology and data

Make sure you invest in the required back-end integrations

  • "It is a real challenge to keep things simple for customers when dealing with the complexity of legacy infrastructure. Full personalisation is the Holy Grail, but adds yet another layer of complexity. Delivering a seamless end-to-end customer experience is much easier in a greenfield context, but with legacy systems you never completely crack it"

    - Mark Evans, Marketing Director, Direct Line Group Insurance.

  • "An organisation needs to be focused on its purpose when it comes to its relationship with customers. What is the nature of its relationship with customers? Having a defined purpose makes conversations about customer experience suddenly much easier, for example how to align different channels, thinking about commercial objectives, and how to organise people and teams. You need to embed that within the business but it’s amazing how many organisations don’t have that in place"

    - Sanjit Badhan, Founder, BasesysOne, and former Head of CRM, TransferGo.

  • "Customers want us to put them first but mean it, in everything we do and everything we design. A way of doing that is by involving them directly. Customers aren’t about fads. Brilliant customer experience is about delivering things in a straightforward way that makes their lives easier"

    - Michael Sherwood, Head of Customer Experience, Atom Bank.

  • "Customer experience is being reset by the leading platforms and startups. Everyone expects an Uber-like experience, whether you’re B2B or B2C. Customers don’t expect clunky, 20-step processes"

    - Blake Cahill, Senior Vice-President of Digital Marketing and Media at Philips.

Sanjiv Gossain

See how we help clients succeed with CX

"You’ve got to look at the people and what they are trying to achieve and put that at the centre, starting your digital journey."

- Sanjiv Gossain
Senior Vice President, Head of Cognizant Digital Business Europe

Is CX on your agenda?

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