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NGO Services
Empowering NGOs  

Digitalization empowers NGOs to achieve their mission efficiently serving populations in multiple geographies and extending services to new communities in need.​ This is part of Cognizant's contribution to help improve and save lives globally.​

We have also committed significant funding to distribute products, resources and services to meet the cause and serve the purpose for those in need. ​
Cognizant’s NGO practice is enabling and supporting all strategic processes, from grant and donation management, to procurement, risk management, governance and innovation. ​

With our expertise in the public sector and non-profit organizations, we are enabling NGO’s to digitize, accelerate and improve the user experience to service the very divers recipients and stakeholders across the globe. Having right tools and processes in place, providing risk management, transparency and insight support them on their mission and help them to achieve their goals in effective and efficient ways.​

Empowering NGOs

License Cost Optimization for a Large Non-Profit Organization Based in Switzerland

Service offerings

Our contribution supports the work of NGOs from end to end by increasing their ability to operate with professionalism, efficiency and transparency.

Tailored to your needs

Digital transformation is vital to the day-to-day activities of NGOs and Cognizant supports that progress with the latest technology platforms, digital solutions, system integration and automation, IoT-based approaches and best practices like Agile and Dev-Ops. Our offerings  provide fast seamless transformation journeys, application modernization and IT security. ​

Application developement plays another essential role by providing NGOs a backbone to all systems and processes. We deliver a range of support, from low code to high code - we cover it all. 

Services around the clock

We manage, operate and evolve processes and digital environments, to provide reliable and effective operations around the clock to ensure global humanitarian support processes.

By combining technologies like automation and AI with industry-specific process expertise and unique digital-disruptor plays, we help your organization adapt and act with speed and efficiency.​

From grant management, to procurement, distribution and traceability, there are a variety of processes required for an organization to  operate and run in a streamlined manner. We understand your breadth of processes and provide support services in a variety of models across geographies. We offer follow-the-sun support to ensure we are always available to provide and optimize processes.

Effective decision making

Donors want a transparent view of how funds are distribuited to  beneficiaries, so they can feel confident that their aid reaches the right end users in the right form and quantities. This makes data reporting and analytics essential for large NGOs. Cognizant’s fata and AI services have been providing solutions to facititate and strengthen reporting functions, risk analytics and AI driven decision making.​

With Cognizant’s offerings you can harness the power of data and AI to drive faster, predictive and proactive decisioning, all while educating the organization on the path forward. Our services include:​

  • Data modernization and data management​

  • Business intelligence and visualization​

  • Artificial intelligence​

  • Data strategy​

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Successfully achieving the mission

To help NGOs align with their mission and goals, we guide organizations through in achieving process simplification, cost optimization, organizational change management and defining target operating models. We also offer guidance and services in  risk management, governance, regulatory consultation, audit and compliance.

Our advisory and services cover the entire spectrum of the value chain to transform and evolve NGO operations across grant management, procurement, distribution, payments and fund management.



Thomas Weber

Client Partner & Industry leader Public & NGO Switzerland

Amrita Wassmann

Client Relationship Manager

Nathalie Sers

Account Executive

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