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Unleash the decision-making power of generative AI

By seamlessly weaving generative AI into the fabric of business strategy, organizations worldwide can bridge the gap between human intelligence and technology to power decision-making for sustainable growth, innovation and a digital future defined by trust—and new possibilities.

Partner with a proven leader in responsible generative AI services and solutions, and gain the intuitive technologies that help you collaborate, innovate and create the results you need to future-proof your business. Start today.

Our generative AI solutions

We have designed four core cognitive architectures to address major use case categories and enable clients to build new value with generative AI capabilities.

Customer Experience Navigator

Deploy AI-powered conversational assistants for seamless customer interactions and personalized support. Enhance engagement, automate processes and drive customer satisfaction.

Enterprise Knowledge Navigator

Use generative AI for comprehensive knowledge management and semantic search to unlock valuable insights, accelerate information discovery and enhance decision-making.

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Process Optimizer

Streamline operations through AI-driven automation to optimize efficiency and reduce manual efforts. Transform workflows, achieve process excellence and improve productivity.

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Development Lifecycle Navigator

Fuel developer productivity with AI-driven tools and resources to enable faster development cycles and improve code quality. Accelerate innovation, streamline workflows and enhance collaboration.

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How to use generative AI safely

Organizations need to develop quality evaluation and risk mitigation strategies (QE&A) towards gen AI. In the following whitepaper, we highlight the key measures and process flows to responsibly integrate gen AI into organisations.

Cognizant Neuro AI accelerates your adoption journey

Harness the value of generative AI in a flexible, secure, scalable and responsible way. With Neuro® AI, we help clients advance from identifying company-specific use cases to operationalizing AI.


Cognitive architecture

What is a cognitive architecture?

Cognitive architectures are models used to simulate human thought processes and cognition while building intelligent systems that use generative AI. They include capabilities such as problem solving, learning, natural language processing and perception.

How can cognitive architectures be used to solve business problems?

We use four core cognitive architectures to address the main categories of use cases that generative AI can solve:

  • Customer Experience Navigator
  • Enterprise Knowledge Navigator
  • Process Optimizer
  • Development Lifecycle Navigator

With these solutions, our clients can enable seamless customer interactions, enhance decision-making, optimize efficiency, improve productivity and accelerate innovation.

Partner with us

Our full-scale consulting, advisory and delivery capabilities are backed by expansive client and industry acumen, and we apply this expertise to help your businesses solve its biggest challenges.  

Seamless approach

Adopt AI using a seamless approach that skillfully infuses human and technology expertise to drive results.

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Responsible AI

Apply AI with our focused commitment, leadership and understanding of responsible AI practices.

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Proven orchestration

Benefit from our ability to orchestrate across robust transformation platforms and ecosystems.

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Domain expertise

Rely on our industry expertise and deep domain knowledge to build flexible, reusable platforms.

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Naveen Sharma

VP and Global Practice Head, Data and AI

Mahadevan Krishnamoorthy

AVP, North America Head for Architecture, Data and AI advisory

Tara Whitehead Stotland

Leader, Innovation and Strategy, Consulting North America

Take the first step

Many businesses today are responsibly infusing generative AI into processes and platforms to uncover new areas of opportunity and growth. 

Let’s talk about putting generative AI to work for your business.

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