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Possibility and intuition. The predictable and the unpredictable. In the space between the two is where you’ll find the thrill of the match. 

When fans come together on 3 June to watch The FA Cup Final, they’ll watch their cherished favourites and hopeful rivals take to the pitch with the impossibility of knowing who will claim the trophy. 

Whilst the players can’t guarantee the outcome, they know the tactics to employ which will see them play their best football. This is intuition.

At Cognizant, we harness the power of that intuition to drive technology advances for businesses including The FA. We’re a proud sponsor of this year’s FA Cup and support their work year-round to truly serve the game and deliver football for all. Through our work together, we continue to support The FA’s mission of serving more than 2,000,000 players & workforce through a transformed digital platform, ensuring equal opportunities for all to play at schools and clubs and using their influence wherever possible to deliver a game free from discrimination.   

Through its work with Cognizant, The FA has seen  wider participation across the Football Community with 150,000+ downloads and 68,000 weekly users of the Match Day app, as well as a grassroots game management platform utilised by more than 30,000 clubs.

Cognizant’s multidisciplinary business engineering team, embedded at Wembley Stadium HQ both physically and virtually, includes business consultants, technology and industry specialists, researchers, and anthropologists whose goal is to help The FA adopt a human-centred approach to digital.

As exciting as our work with football is, it’s not the only the sport we help. Our Fan Persona Engine enables sports brands to see and connect with unique fan segments by unlocking existing data and innovating personalization strategies. Increasingly, audiences crave more personalized fan experiences. We believe they deserve it and work hard to ensure they receive it.

Just as The FA relies on a robust pipeline of next generation talent to drive the future of the sport, Cognizant is always looking to recruit new employees to help us to continue to move forward. Who will be our next team member to use their digital skills and intuition to bring the joys of football to a wider audience?  Will it be you? The ball is in your court; the possibilities are endless.  

Manju Kygonahally

CMT Industry Head, Global Growth Markets, Cognizant

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