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In an era where connectivity is integral to daily life, ensuring seamless and superior service quality is paramount.

From the perspective of both service providers and end users, the significance of Service Assurance lies in its ability to enhance performance, prevent disruptions, and contribute to an overall positive user experience.

Service Assurance is now a necessity requiring bold end-to-end transformation. We at Cognizant developed a comprehensive approach involving monitoring, analysing, and optimising the network to guarantee high-quality service delivery and fortify the entire operational framework.

Adapting to a future of resilient Service Assurance requires precision and efficiency.

Precision in complexity

Unleashing efficiency

In the age of 5G's rapid evolution, precision is paramount. Network slicing and service orchestration introduce complexities for Service Assurance.

Network slicing: Isolated virtual networks purpose-built for specific use cases.

Service orchestration: Agile, adaptive, and efficient service orchestration.

The shift towards open and disaggregated networks demand efficiency. Rapid response and open architecture principles set the stage, with Service Assurance at its core.

Rapid response: Enhanced speed, accuracy & efficiency of alert generation.

Open network: Vendor-neutral components to form cohesion, orchestrated by Service Assurance.

Furthermore, as mobile networks become more intertwined with other technologies like cloud computing and edge computing, service assurance becomes a crucial element in ensuring end-to-end reliability. The interconnected nature of modern telecommunications infrastructure requires a holistic approach to service assurance, encompassing not only the radio and core networks but also associated cloud services.

Service Assurance can have a disproportionate impact on connectivity service providers’ strategic goals. There are a set of underlying macro challenges most of the service providers face, when addressed can achieve their goals faster. We at Cognizant have made significant investments in building our toolkit to overcome these challenges and support service providers achieve their ambition.

Cognizant has partnered with ServiceNow, a cloud-platform leader, to advance Service Assurance in the telecommunications sector. Our Assurance 360 is a service offering which includes multiple solutions that seamlessly integrate with ServiceNow providing a single pane of visibility across customer experiences – correlating service and network performance, using a cloud native architecture, and using AI/ML to extract insights to problems even before they occur.

Cognizant’s Assurance 360 service offering

Dynamic network capabilities: Cognizant’s Inventory Discovery updates ServiceNow’s Telecom Network Inventory module for improved autonomous network discovery & reconciliation.

Orchestration Prowess: Cognizant’s Telecom Order Management Tool leverages ServiceNow’s OMT & TNI modules enhances catalogue driven orchestration.

Visibility Accuracy: Cognizant’s Assure Now leverages ServiceNow’s TSOM module, providing pre-modelled data driven accelerators for event-to-alert creation.

Interoperability Assurance: Cognizant’s Legacy Ticketing Engine to ServiceNow Migration leverages ServiceNow’s ITSM module underpins the migration framework for assurance from legacy to ServiceNow.


We are driving innovation through our Assurance 360 service offering built over ServiceNow – Join us at the Mobile World Congress to experience it. Dive into the Assurance 360 demos at our stand, guided by our experts who will showcase the solution offerings. Engage with us to explore how Cognizant and ServiceNow are actively driving innovation and shaping the future of Service Assurance.

Don't miss the chance to engineer the future of telecoms – visit us on the SerciceNow stand (GG4) at MWC and be part of the revolution or click here to book a meeting.

Shashi Bhagavathula

Telco Consulting Lead, Global Growth Markets, Cognizant

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