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Cognizant is ranked as a leader in the ISG Provider Lens™ – Salesforce Ecosystem Partners 2024 Report for the US, UK, Germany, and France markets. This acknowledgment underscores our strong capabilities and expertise in delivering Salesforce-specific services. 
Diverse portfolios

The report highlights our rich and diverse portfolio in 16 quadrants of Salesforce-specific implementation services in Multi-Cloud and Integration, Industry Clouds, Managed Application Services and Marketing Automation for large enterprises – enabling us to consistently evolve and deliver cutting-edge services to clients.

Enterprise focus

Cognizant’s services are tailored for large enterprises, enabling them to harness the power of Salesforce effectively. Our solutions address complex business needs and drive digital transformation across enterprises at scale.

Cutting-edge services

As a leader, Cognizant consistently evolves and delivers cutting-edge services to clients. Our commitment to innovation and staying ahead of industry trends positions us as a reliable partner for Salesforce implementations. Cognizant is well represented on Salesforce Partner Advisory Boards across clouds to jointly shape future Salesforce product roadmaps.

Unique strengths

The report highlights Cognizant’s unique strengths in Salesforce offerings. These strengths include our ability to provide end-to-end solutions, industry-specific expertise, and a track record of successful implementations.

In summary, Cognizant’s leadership position, diverse portfolio, international delivery scale, and commitment to innovation make us a trusted partner for enterprises seeking Salesforce solutions. To learn more about our strengths and services, read the report UK Report.

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