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Balancing innovation and risk mitigation: The role of AI in medtech

Cognizant with Microsoft commissioned a quantitative survey of 200 medtech decision makers across Europe and the USA to understand the state of the industry and its future direction, including the opportunities and challenges brought on by AI.

Immense opportunity exists for medtech companies with innovation and technology. The industry is moving to implement AI into their products and processes with vigour, balanced with some caution. The path forward does pose challenges, but not enough to outweigh the benefits.


are excited to bring AI into their business


believe AI will make medical products safer


think specialists are needed for effective AI implementation

“I believe that AI’s ability to minimise human error, increase efficiency and deliver accurate results positions it as a valuable tool in reshaping post-market surveillance.” – Medtech Decision Maker

AI is empowering employees to create smarter technology that saves more lives. Read our report to see how medtech leaders are implementing AI, and why so many are turning to technology partners for support.

Discover how AI brings out the best in medtech

A majority of the MTDMs in the report state that AI is able to improve. The same medtech leaders feel that working with technology specialists is crucial to maximize AI performance across the business and ensure compliance with complex AI-related regulations.


By analysing huge data streams to ensure equipment safety

person using medical equipment
Effectiveness and accuracy
Effectiveness and accuracy

By reducing human error and increasing precision in wearable devices and post-market surveillance.

arm with device
Quality control
Quality control

By predicting and detecting manufacturing defects for earlier intervention.

microscope with round balls underneath

A power-up for medical devices:
Why medtech decision-makers are excited about AI

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Rohit Alimchandani

Head of Life Sciences UK & Ireland, Cognizant

Bryan Hill

Chief Technology Officer and VP, Digital Health & Innovation, Cognizant

Mahendra Das

Client Manager and Medtech Lead UK & Ireland, Cognizant

Moulshri Pande

Client Partner Life Sciences UK & Ireland, Cognizant

Joe Alvillar

Global Medtech Industry Advisor at Microsoft

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