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Become Future-Ready in Life Sciences

How to become future-ready for 2035

We’re delighted to share our future-ready roadmap for life sciences, outlining what changes will unfold by 2035 and the capabilities required for success.

Based on the results of a survey we conducted with Economist Impact, we’ve mapped out three phases of transformation for the industry to embrace over the next 10 years.

The results reflect global challenges such as increasing population and rising demand for care. They also highlight the opportunities that technology will bring in areas such as remote care, hyper-personalised medicines and stakeholder collaboration.

With data volumes continuing to explode and quantum computing entering the mainstream, the life sciences landscape will evolve dramatically by 2035 in every area, including drug development, advanced manufacturing, supply chains, regulations and patient delivery.

As a trusted partner across the sector, Cognizant is here to help you navigate this decade of change. Discover how we can help unlock your full potential.

How life sciences can unlock its full potential

According to our research with Economist Impact, many life sciences companies are struggling to align market objectives with clear goals and aims.

We’ve therefore mapped out a path to help you become future-ready over the next decade. This will help you build the critical digital foundations needed for agile growth and long-term revenue generation.

Get in touch for expert help in planning your own journey to 2035.

Our roadmap in summary:

2023 to 2025

Fortifying the data foundation

2025 to 2030

Forging the path to patient-centricity

2030 to 2035

Preparing for the quantum revolution

At Cognizant, we deliver technology solutions and expertise to help life sciences organisations adapt and adopt a more human-centered approach, backed by a modern and interconnected digital ecosystem.


Rohit Alimchandani

Head of Life Sciences UK & I, Cognizant

Gagan Syal

Senior Vice President, Life Sciences, Cognizant