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Reinventing the customer experience

As the travel and hospitality industry looks to rebuild, digital may be its saving grace. From chatbots to self-learning booking platforms, providers can create new momentum that both pleases customers and trims costs. We help you explore multiple paths forward and craft a digital strategy for the post-pandemic world.

Data and AI need to be at the heart of every strategy for the best business outcomes.

Prakash Ayer
Senior Director Retail and Consumer Goods, Netherlands, Cognizant


What does it mean to be data-driven in a real-time world?

As travel and hospitality players look to expand and deliver a more connected journey, data can be monetized and used to open new revenue streams.

Action & insight


Creating superior customer experiences by leveraging AI & data

Learn how to reinvent decision-making processes to excite customers and grow revenue by intelligently combining AI technology and human science.

Action & insight

Latest thinking

A room with a view … forward

The pandemic hit the hospitality industry hard, but IHG Hotels & Resorts is well positioned for a recovery.

Airline improves customer experience with loyalty program chatbot

Recognizing the potential for conversational AI to simultaneously reduce call volume and improve customer satisfaction, this airline sought Cognizant’s expertise in developing a customer-facing intelligent assistant to automate customer loyalty program inquiries.

Resetting the digital table for food services

As the hard-hit restaurant industry eyes a future in which the coronavirus remains a threat, forward-looking businesses are using technology to implement changes that are in many cases long overdue.

No more rooms, only adaptive spaces

Customers no longer just go online; they live online, even when they’re in the physical restaurant or hotel. This creates opportunities to reimagine physical spaces and turn them into a strategic business advantage.

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