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Sustainability Services

Helping companies become sustainable businesses

The road to sustainability can be disruptive for businesses. But it also offers opportunities to move your organization away from linear, extractive processes towards circular and regenerative business models.
Seizing the sustainability opportunity requires new operating models, supported by new data flows and information systems that make it possible to accelerate meaningful change.
From insights to implementation, Cognizant offers sustainability advisory services and solutions using a strong ecosystem of partners. We help organizations become planet stewards, reduce their environmental footprint and turn sustainability commitments into achievable milestones.
Deep Green: a new breed of business

Learn how the sustainability imperative is changing the way businesses show up—with regulators, investors, customers and planet earth.


Reducing your environmental footprint

Achieving net zero goals requires companies to move faster in the adoption of sustainable business practices. Cognizant helps businesses take the necessary steps using the comprehensive digital stack that includes machine-learning, data mining, digital twins, IoT and robotic automation to ensure environmental information is complete, accurate, verifiable and actionable.

We advise and implement programs that help companies:

  • Improve carbon, water and biodiversity accounting using process workflow and automation strategies
  • Identify energy and resource consumption hotspots through data structuring and digital monitoring
  • Analyze impact reduction scenarios using parametric cost, quality and compliance metrics

See how Cognizant can help organizations use digital transformation tools to move beyond reporting to deliver impact, optimize operations, reduce waste and improve sustainability performance.

Advancing sustainability data management

Because sustainability reporting is often tethered to the annual reporting cycle, it makes collecting sustainability data a tedious exercise. Cognizant helps companies build an effective and efficient reporting process in the following ways:

  • Automate ESG reporting to be more accurate and auditable using integrated data strategies
  • Make reporting forward looking and proactive using cloud data foundations for ESG information ecosystems
  • Build seamless connectivity and data exchange across stakeholders using data sharing platforms

Designing for the next generation

Growing competition, climate change and supply chain volatility call for new products and business models that drive better outcomes and reduce environmental impact.

Cognizant couples IoT, life cycle assessment and product engineering capabilities to help clients:

  • Align sustainability, cost, quality and compliance metrics for product innovation management using integrated software solutions
  • Create roadmaps for product-as-a-service business models that decouples value creation from resource usage
  • Deploy automated and actionable life cycle assessments that provide standardized product footprint information across stakeholders

Reinventing how products are made

New and sustainable manufacturing practices can help your business cut cost and waste, improve operational efficiency and be more competitive. But to get here, companies have to let go of legacy tools and systems that offer limited scope for sustainable manufacturing practices.

Here are a few ways Cognizant’s sustainability offerings can make a difference in your business:

  • Move siloed sustainability and manufacturing information into a visualized KPI framework for performance benchmarking using modern data management solutions
  • Automate energy, waste, water and emissions monitoring and analytics to enable more efficient and predictive ESG reporting
  • Build digital twins of manufacturing environments to virtually test, run and optimize your operations and lower resource consumption

Enabling better procurement decisions

Companies can reduce the environmental impact of products by analyzing every step in the supply chain and investigating risks that might exist beyond tier one suppliers. It also requires modernizing systems and data management processes to ensure higher visibility and informed action.

Cognizant sustainable procurement and supply chain management solutions help your business in the following ways:

  • Design scenarios for cost-effective Scope 3 impact reductions using supply chain digital twins that provide information on the environmental impact, compliance and cost of inbound materials
  • Screen suppliers beyond tier one and eliminate risks of non-compliance with emerging due diligence acts using end-to-end supply chain risk management solutions

See how Cognizant can help organizations identify and implement the digital capabilities they need to automate all aspects of their due diligence programs.

Metabolic and Cognizant Collaborate to Scale Impact Measurement for Sustainability Strategies

Global clients will benefit from deep sustainability and digital expertise.

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