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Cognizant Servian

Cloud and Digital experience you can count on

Enterprises in Australia and New Zealand are on an upward trajectory with digital transformation, and success relies on selecting the right technology partner.
Cognizant Servian was formed on the deep expertise of two acquisitions: Servian and Contino. By combining Servian and Contino's world-class consulting and engineering teams, clients are now able to take advantage of the most credentialed and experienced cloud and data group in the ANZ region.
Established in 2008, Servian is a leading cloud and data consultancy with a proven track record in delivering outcomes and advice that boost business capabilities. Their highly skilled team of consultants ensure they focus on solving client objectives through the best use of technology to build competitive advantage.
Contino's consulting and engineering teams have completed more than 300 enterprise engagements since 2014. Specialising in helping the world's leading brands accelerate digital transformation, clients have included brands such National Australia Bank, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, JetStar, Origin Energy and Lasoo among others.
This combined wealth of experience gives Cognizant Servian clients access to digital engineering and core modernisation capabilities, deepening cloud-native architecture expertise for a competitive edge.
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Services and tech consulting capabilities

We believe that data is just the starting point for gaining a competitive edge. Let us assist you in establishing strong data foundations, coupled with advanced analytics capabilities that enable effective decision-making and drive business performance to new heights.

Our services extend beyond simply extracting data from silos and outdated data warehouses. We help you transition to cutting-edge real-time solutions, empowering your teams to fully harness the power of data for sustained competitive advantage. 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are key drivers of business growth and transformation for every sector. To fully understand, AI requires a unique combination of data, advanced analytics and cognitive services. 

Our digital capabilities, applied machine learning and deep learning expertise come together in perfect synergy to help fuel your innovation success. 

With the inevitable increase of digitisation, automation and augmentation in business through AI, we partner with you to achieve the personalisation and convenience that your customers will demand in their business dealings.

Data lies at the beating heart of digital. When intelligently applied, it can culminate in immersive digital experiences that fully engage and delight your customers.

We use our specialist skills in data and analytics to create digital encounters that leave a positive impression long after the event.   

Through digital transformation that considers the user, we assist you in digitising your core processes, increasing value through the design and creation of unique products, and the construction of interconnected digital scenarios. 

Our expertise in organisational strategy, customer experience and product strategy, design and development mean we're amply equipped to help you succeed in a digital-first world.

Increasingly, organisations are adopting a customer-first mindset. This involves introducing game-changing approaches to delivering high-quality software at speed and scale. 

We partner with you to cultivate a customer-centric mindset, leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as data, analytics, and cloud capabilities to gain a deeper understanding of your customers. 

We also provide expertise in software delivery and innovation. By implementing lean, value-driven operating models, we help you streamline your software development processes, accelerate innovation, and stay ahead of the competition.

Every hour spent on your infrastructure is an hour away from your core business. You owe it to yourself to reduce the time and cost associated with managing your infrastructure by maximising efficiencies instead.  

Our team has a proven track record of delivering strategy, foundations, transformations and migrations across all clouds, as well as providing the guard-rails and DevOps practices for compliance and security. 

We are also cloud-agnostic, partnering with all providers to give you the best configuration available on the market, and giving you confidence in a cloud migration and digital transformation delivered effectively and efficiently. 

The public cloud is the biggest business enabler in a generation. We help you get real value from the cloud, so you can focus on what matters most to your organisation.

Cybersecurity has changed significantly as companies grapple with the change from on-premises to cloud-first strategies. But you can't afford to put it in the 'too hard' basket. 

We assist you with a shift-left approach, ensuring security is accounted for at all stages of the transformation process. Comprehensive knowledge of cloud security models means we can implement the most up-to-date security techniques. 

Let us help turn your security from a single siloed team into a DevSecOps mindset that is embedded across your business.


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