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Cognizant Careers and Recruiting

Ready to improve lives at Cognizant?

Together, we engineer for impact—on our clients, our people, their careers and the communities in which we live, work and play.

Whether it’s transforming the companies the world relies on—or providing the tools and flexibility you need to build the best you—we are driven to improve the way the world works through technology.

Join us, and you’ll contribute to projects that continuously sharpen your skills, increase your problem-solving capabilities, and ignite your entrepreneurial spirit. At Cognizant, your potential to shape the future of your career—and the world—is endless.


Ready for new challenges?


Student and early careers opportunities

Solving complex, real-world challenges. And continually learning new skills alongside recognized experts. That’s what you can expect from a Cognizant career.

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Skilled professionals opportunities

Stretch your skills and knowledge. Share your expertise. And work collaboratively with like-minded professionals to solve real, human problems.

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Engineering business with purpose

Real-world solutions

From healthcare to manufacturing, banking to telecom, your technical or leadership skills can have a real impact in shaping the future. You’ll be solving complex problems with real-world solutions that improve people’s lives.

Community benefits

Joining digital communities led by highly experienced engineers, you’ll work in teams that share the same outlook and tackle problems together. With dedicated training plans and virtual learning, you can truly stretch your skills and accelerate your career.

Genuinely innovative

Use your ingenuity to fuel innovation. Apply the most advanced technologies to reengineer our clients’ businesses. Keep them relevant amid constant technical change. And shape their (and their customers’) futures.


What's your passion?

Stretch your skills. Expand your expertise. And impact projects that deliver modern, real-world solutions. Whatever your passion, you’ll find a role and jump-start your Cognizant career. Search job opportunities. Follow us on LinkedIn for insights, stories and opportunities.

Business processes

Evaluate and enhance the way we do business, analyze changes and recommend adjustments to workflows, schedules or other processes. Sample job titles: Team Leader, Project Associate, Programmer Analyst, Functional Architect.


Help clients transform their business with solutions in cloud computing, enterprise data, and cybersecurity. Sample job titles: Process Specialist, SAP Consultant, Strategy & Operations Analyst, Optis Specialist.

Delivery management

Contribute to programming, coding and software development efforts using multiple languages, tools and frameworks. Sample job titles: Software Consultant, Senior Associate, Technology Architect, Project Managers. 


Build and launch leading-edge digital transformation solutions using robotics, cloud, analytics, AI, big data and the industrial IoT. Sample job titles: ERP Consultant, Project Manager, Full Stack Engineer, Data Analyst, Software Engineer, Computer Engineer, Web Programmer/Developer.

IT infrastructure

Build, version and validate clients’ technology frameworks, deploy and maintain servers and establish monitoring components for automation and dashboards. Sample job titles: Technology Architect, Infrastructure Development Specialist, Frontend Developer, System Engineer.

Sales & marketing

Be a prime contributor to Cognizant’s top line, bending our growth curve toward significantly higher revenue and margin. Sample job titles: Account Executive, Platform Sales Specialist, Client Partner, Business Development Director.

Technology & engineering

Combine today’s breakthrough technologies with your own intelligence and expertise to help clients transform their businesses and innovate at scale. Sample job titles: DevOps Expert, Scrum Master, Functional Lead, Technology Specialist, Full Stack Developer, Software Developer.

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