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How Australian businesses can unlock digital value to become future ready

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How to make Australian businesses future-ready

This report is aimed at providing a quantifiable and comparative assessment of the future-readiness of Australia’s business environment and multinational companies compared with nine of the world’s biggest economies. The report’s findings are based on three interrelated research efforts, namely a literature review, benchmark analysis, and in-depth consultation with expert sources, which provide considerations for firms to become future-ready.



How prepared is your business compared to others in your field?

This benchmarking tool gauges how prepared multinational businesses are for the future in ten countries and eight industries. Powered by over 25 sources of data. It comprises 140 indicators categorized across external environment, business preparedness and business performance.



Advance Australia prepare: how to make Australian businesses future-ready

Australia ranks seventh out of ten of the world’s biggest economies when it comes to future-readiness, and digging deeper into the results unearths concerns. Australian companies face a gulf between corporate strategy and implementation that delivers meaningful results. 


Industry-specific briefings

A deep dive into the challenges, successes and opportunities present in Australia for the mining, insurance, and banking industries.


Future-readiness of Australian mining: the need to transform at unprecedented speed and massive scale


Future-readiness of Australian insurance: gearing up for greater uncertainty


Future-readiness of Australian banking and finance: innovation is the key to sustainable transformation

Our industry points of view


Economic and ESG goals come together in Triple Zero Modern Mining


Experiences and intelligence: driving a new era for the insurance industry
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Embracing the ecosystem opportunity of open banking

Meet our subject matter experts

  • George Evans

    Head of Consulting ANZ

    George leads the Consulting team for Cognizant in ANZ. He works with senior business and technology leaders to identify, shape and deliver transformational outcomes from business model innovation through to engineering acceleration and automation. He leads a team of industry, design, data, technology and change experts.

    George can be contacted at:

  • Michael Camarri

    Head of Data Science, APAC

    Michael is our head of data science for the APAC region. He works directly with clients to help them use data science to transform their businesses by providing implementable and reusable solutions to clients across all verticals.

    Michael can be contacted at:

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