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At Cognizant, we are passionate about customer experience (CX) and believe in its power to transform businesses and lives. We work with some of the world's leading brands to help them create exceptional experiences that not only improve their customers' lives but also give them a competitive edge.

Our commitment to CX extends beyond our work with clients and we are proud to partner with Marketing Week and Adobe to present the sixth annual CX50.  Adobe shares our commitment to excellence in CX and recognizes the transformative power of CX. Their collaboration strengthens the platform we provide for recognizing outstanding individuals and fosters a wider conversation about the future of CX. Together with Marketing Week and Adobe, we celebrate the remarkable achievements of CX leaders and inspire the next generation to push the boundaries of what's possible.

“At Adobe we believe today’s digital leaders have the unenviable challenge of keeping up with the lightning pace of marketing innovation, while delivering personalised experiences for customers. The best go even further, and create highly personalised experiences for every customer, on every channel, in real-time, that not only deliver results today, but position their organisation for future success. We are proud to partner with Cognizant and Marketing Week on CX50 to celebrate those individual leaders.” - Suzanne Steele, Vice President and Managing Director, United Kingdom, Ireland, Middle East and SSA at Adobe
What is the CX50?

The CX50 is a prestigious annual list that recognizes the top 50 individuals in the UK who are shaping the future of CX. It's a platform to celebrate the achievements of these dedicated professionals and the commitment of their organizations to CX excellence.

Why the CX50 matters

Exceptional CX is no longer a differentiator; it's a necessity. From harnessing new technologies to personalizing interactions, businesses are constantly innovating to meet and exceed customer expectations. The CX50 recognizes the individuals who are leading the charge in this ever-evolving field.

These CX leaders not only impact customer-facing products and services but also influence wider business strategy and employee experience. They are attuned to emerging trends that will shape customer expectations in the future.

By acknowledging the best and brightest in CX, the CX50 fosters a culture of excellence that benefits businesses and customers alike. It also serves as a reminder that with dedication and passion, anything is possible, and the future of CX is full of potential.

How we select the CX50 winners

Each year, we assemble a new cohort of outstanding CX professionals for the CX50 list. We collaborate with Marketing Week to create a pool of candidates, leveraging our professional networks and independent measures of brands that excel in CX.

The list spans various industry sectors and job roles, from CEOs to marketing, product, and operations professionals. We select the final individuals based on their achievements against three key criteria:

Influence: The impact the individual has on their company, industry, and the broader CX landscape.

Innovation: The extent to which the individual's work in CX has been groundbreaking and forward-thinking.

Impact: The measurable difference the individual or their work has made on their business and/or the CX landscape.

A new approach for 2024

This year, we've adopted a sector-driven approach to recognize a wider range of customer experiences and priorities. The CX50 2024 features five sectors, each with 10 outstanding professionals:

  • Retail, Consumer Goods, Travel, Hospitality (RCGTH)
  • Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI)
  • Manufacturing, Logistics, Energy, Utilities (MLEU)
  • Life Sciences (LS)
  • Public Sector (PS)

We will be announcing the CX50 members sector-by-sector in the coming weeks, highlighting the diverse skills and expertise they bring to the field.

Why we partner with Marketing Week on CX50

Our partnership with Marketing Week goes beyond just recognizing individuals. We believe the CX50 is a tribute to the collective effort, creativity, and determination of everyone who has helped shape the CX landscape. It's also a testament to the continuous growth and progress of the CX industry.

The CX50 acknowledges the challenges faced by CX professionals, from navigating the impact of Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic to overcoming the cost-of-living crisis. It recognizes the wide range of skills and capabilities required to excel in this complex field.

We are proud to play a role in celebrating the individuals who are revolutionizing the businesses that the world relies on.

Stay tuned for the CX50 2024 winners

We are excited to announce the 2024 CX50 members; the individuals who are unlocking their CX ambitions and creating exceptional experiences for their customers.

Keep an eye out as we reveal the winners sector-by-sector every Thursday (from 18th April to 16th May 2024) on our CX50 page to discover the changemakers shaping the future of CX.

Ian Barlow

Senior Director, CX/DX Consulting, UK&I, Cognizant

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