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Make Buying Life Insurance as Fast as Buying Car Insurance


One in six life insurance applicants withdraw their application because they become fed up with the long and confusing insurance underwriting process. The main problem? Retrieving medical records, which are critical to issuing insurance, is a manual process that can take weeks.


Automate and Digitize Health Data Retrieval

Cognizant Risk Profile Gateway automates and digitizes the collecting of applicant medical data. Our secure web-based platform retrieves health records for a consenting applicant from participating health providers and creates digital summaries based on the data.


Rapidly Analyze Risk to Make Faster Decisions

In addition to providing swift access to health data, Cognizant Risk Profile Gateway summarizes this data in an easy-to-consume format, which enables faster decisions and more accurate pricing for an applicant.


Issue More Policies and Keep Applicants Engaged

Cognizant Risk Profile Gateway drastically reduces the amount of effort required from an applicant, while significantly shortening the time to complete an application–lowering costs for the insurer and greatly reducing the risk of losing an applicant to a competitor.

Cognizant Risk Profile Gateway

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