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Ultra-fast 5G networks will more than power new smartphone and communications features. They will unleash news ways to move, operate and live. What will it all mean to the CSPs’ bottom line? For CPSs that manage to turn the 5G complexion into a digital marketplace, it will be rewarding.

In the near future, sensors and industrial IoT devices and solutions will proliferate across businesses, cities, and environments of all types. However, the rich capabilities of 5G might also be overly complex for buyers. 

The need to simplify the selection process is a great opportunity for CSPs; they are ideally positioned to assemble 5G solution providers and their industry offers into an appealing digital marketplace. That’s why many CSPs now are setting plans to pivot their model to play the role of a digital services provider (DSP) that sits at the center of this marketplace ecosystem. 

The offers presented in the marketplace will weave together the required devices, software, equipment, bandwidth and dynamic network slicing into complete solutions. Most notably, this digitally intelligent ecommerce platform also will help CSPs gain returns on their steep investments in equipment, spectrum, cells and services designed to meet 5G’s diverse and extreme requirements for latency, throughput, capacity and availability.

5G network slicing
As 5G networks flourish, new solutions will emerge, with many yet to be imagined. For 5G applications, network slicing lets operators provide portions of their networks to address specific customer use cases. To properly engage in network slicing, CSPs should take a holistic, measured approach to how they can best serve individual use cases or market segments. This could, for example, be within transportation, radio access networks, or edge-cloud connectivity.

For CSPs, the digital marketplace will serve as a melting pot of offers, clustered around specific vertical market needs, and technology and process applications. The underlying architecture includes a low-code rapid application development platform. This will ensure that new solutions can be added quickly to keep pace as the 5G market matures and new business models emerge. Buyers and providers should be able to engage with the marketplace via any preferred channel to ensure a seamless experience.

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Mikael Wadlund

Head of Communications, Media & Technology, Cognizant Sweden

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