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With a 98% accuracy rate, innovative technology provides solutions that help solve aquaculture’s biggest problems

In a strategic collaboration, Cognizant has joined forces with Tidal, a project at X, the moonshot factory (formerly Google X) in an exclusive collaboration, to introduce innovative technology solutions to the aquaculture and fishing industries.

Together with Tidal we are creating an ecosystem of solutions that provide visibility throughout the value chain, enabling ocean industries to enhance sustainability and resilience in the face of challenges posed by over-exploitation, resource depletion, and climate change.

Tidal has developed a digital technology solution that uses sensors, machine learning, data analysis, artificial intelligence (AI), and automation to gather and analyze data. Cognizant is collaborating with them to expand the platform ecosystem, leveraging digital twins and market insights. This offers businesses valuable information needed to make intelligent decisions, improve operational resilience, and comply with regulations.

"This collaboration focuses on sustainable solutions that create business opportunities for companies that are dependent on a healthy ocean. We are particularly impressed by Tidal's holistic and innovative approach, and their successful pilot projects along the Norwegian coast," says Stig Martin Fiskå, Global Head of Cognizant Ocean.

Driving global adoption of revolutionary technology

Craig Churchill, Chief Operating Officer at Tidal, explains that Tidal was looking for a professional partner with global reach to deploy, support, and integrate their groundbreaking technology solutions, aiming for widespread global adoption.

"This collaboration is a significant milestone in helping maritime companies enhance their operations while safeguarding the vulnerable ocean. Cognizant's proven record and deep industry knowledge will enable us to deploy and scale our innovative technology faster," Churchill comments.

Leveraging our extensive relationships with global enterprises within the blue economy, we will assist companies in integrating Tidal's technology into their enterprise systems, enabling data integration and decision-making that improves efficiency across the value chain. With over 355,000 experts dedicated to engineering modern businesses, our mission is to enhance everyday life.

Proven success in Norwegian waters

Over the past four years, Tidal has assessed its underwater camera system and machine perception tools off the Norwegian coast together with the world's largest salmon producer. The advanced technology has been installed, evaluated, and optimized in over five hundred pens, demonstrating excellent results. Now, together with Tidal, we are ready to help others capitalize on these digital solutions. "Tidal has developed precise technologies to address four key challenges that fish farmers face daily. Not only has the technology driving these solutions been validated, but we have also proven its business value. Fish farmers are astute businesspeople, and what we offer is a compelling proposition," Churchill says.

The technology focuses on intelligent production planning and utilizes a comprehensive camera system, big data, AI, and machine learning to optimize feeding automation, biomass estimations, sea lice estimations, and overall fish welfare. "These four use cases form the foundation of the offering, and in collaboration with Cognizant, we are pushing the boundaries by implementing the technology across the entire value chain," adds Churchill. The current platform has been built and tested using Tidal's AI, trained on 8 billion observations from 900 terabytes of operational video, resulting in a robust solution.

This is just the beginning, as we aim to expand the use cases, achieving visibility across the full value chain and reducing costs. Leveraging its relationships with global enterprises operating within the blue economy, we will support companies in integrating Tidal's technology into their systems, enabling data linkage and decision-making to improve efficiency.

"We provide farmers with real-time understanding of underwater activities and movements while predicting future developments. This helps them enhance production planning and reduce cost per harvested kilo. Farmers now have the insights they have been waiting for, and can quickly translate them into action," says Fiskå.

Cognizant and Tidal focus on delivering their solutions to the four sectors of the blue economy: blue shipping, blue energy (offshore renewable energy), and blue carbon (carbon sequestration). Combined, these sectors represent a significant opportunity, accounting for 1.5 trillion USD of the annual global economy, offering a chance to decarbonize the ocean.

Learn how improved feeding and biomass estimations create value for fish farmers.

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