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Corporate innovation is nothing like the 'David vs. Goliath' tales of garage startup legend. It's about context—of injecting new technologies into complex enterprises to stoke business performance, of unlocking entrenched corporate thinking with fresh ideas that power new ways of working and competing. It’s about playing the long game of strategy while navigating through often-conflicting multiple stakeholders.

Faced with shifting market realities and emerging challengers, companies must adapt quickly to stay relevant. Cognizant Accelerator was created to find, fuel, engineer, build and run groundbreaking ideas that solve the challenges our clients—and we—face.

We’re at the frontlines of how Cognizant innovates. We help resolve the tension between embracing untested, forward-looking technologies and building reliable products that will work within the gritty operational realities of enterprises.

We cultivate innovation and invest across new technologies, delivery models and markets, putting the full strength of Cognizant’s size and expertise into ensuring fast success for clients who embark on this journey with us. Sean Middleton, President, Cognizant Accelerator
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We incubate internal ideas, often sparked in the day-to-day engagements and conversations we have with our clients.

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From these ideas, we build world-class products—and businesses.

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We invest in external startups that can help us rapidly explore new technology areas and new business models.


Our entrepreneurs come from our business units, who are out solving business problems every day for real global clients. So we engage some of those clients to show them our work in progress, and get their feedback, which lets us build focused software from day one.

Todd Paoletti, VP and GM of Cognizant Accelerator

Cognizant Products

Cognizant Products, our product engineering organization, is helmed by a dedicated team of experienced startup and corporate veterans. This elite group provides product specific planning, management, lean development and go-to-market support to new and existing internal ventures at Cognizant.



LaunchPad is a structured six-month program run by Cognizant Products twice per year. We work closely with our business units to source big ideas from across the company and transform them into well-rounded businesses.



Our product portfolio is comprised of the ideas and market-validated prototypes incubated in our rigorous, six-month long LaunchPad program.



Through Cognizant Ventures, we make minority investments in external early-stage startups that will enable us to develop new skills and technologies, as well as offer new capabilities to our clients.



Cognizant Accelerator finds and fuels groundbreaking ideas that solve the challenges our clients—and we—will face. We’re at the vanguard of how Cognizant innovates, both for our clients and ourselves.