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Denmark’s third largest customer-owned life insurance and pension company had a vision to create value for their customers by offering digital solutions that could be accessed anywhere at any time. Over the 24-month implementation, Cognizant successfully migrated over 750 mailboxes, two terabytes of Microsoft OneDrive data, 200 SharePoint sites and 40 key business applications without disruption.

Why was the change needed?

After the divestiture of their larger parent company and to keep up with the market demand of providing attractive pensions solutions to their 350,000 customers, the insurer partnered with Cognizant to build their own cloud-based IT infrastructure. As they had the requirement to create a separate IT infrastructure and services based on their parent company’s existing IT systems, they quickly needed to establish a new IT platform, where they could migrate workloads from the parent company and serve their customers. This to ensure a smooth transition process under tight deadlines with the guidance and services provided by Cognizant.

The break-away and working towards the new IT platform

In order to build the new IT platform, our client had to break-away from their parent company’s in-house data center. In turn, this led to reduced costs, a higher focus on innovation, improved agility and increased security for their 650 employees and thousands of customers. The Cognizant team followed the strategic objectives set by using public and private infrastructure as a service (IaaS), leveraging a Cloud Steps Framework and developing and implementing a DevOps-led migration platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) using native services.

When the platform was completed, the production workloads were seamlessly transferred to a run team. From here, the company was allowed to monitor and optimize the workload, which contributed to better services and new digital solutions to their customers.

The outcome – a successful and disruption free migration

During the implementation that lasted for 24 months, Cognizant’s mission was accomplished delivering the following results:

  • Transforming the client’s IT systems into an advanced technologies & digital platform along with setting up tools and processes in the environment, including implementing tools to meet their security requirements.
  • Implementing standardized, well-defined IT service management (ITSM) processes through a ServiceNow IT operations management (ITOM) module, a self-service portal with over 40 service catalogs and a cloud-managed platform module for billing and financial analysis.
  • Securing the network and adhering to industry standards by implementing a multi-layer security infrastructure that secured the perimeter, network, endpoint, application and data layers. Moreover, the implementation of security tools like MCAS and Microsoft ATP to securely monitor the multi-cloud environment and end points.
  • Automating provisioning to improve time and cost efficiency via CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous deployment) of DevOps tools, such as Nexus Mods, Bamboo and Bitbucket.

To sum up, the overall achievement for the client as a life insurance and pension company is that thanks to this new IT platform, they can maintain their goal of continuously contributing to their customers’ wellbeing by giving them modern, exceptional customer experience - without losing their top position in the market. Not to mention, the rapid development of a scalable digital platform that is completely future-ready.

The full case study: IT Platform Migration for Future Growth
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